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SPC, A Trend of Flooring Solution

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-19      Origin: Site


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Last weekend, I went to a Barber shop to have a haircut. This Barber shop is a friend of mine and just finished the renovation last week. When I went in the shop, my eyesight was suddenly caught by the flooring. Wow! This color, pattern and flooring are so familiar!

Then I asked my friend, “what kind of flooring is it? And where did you buy?”

“Oh, my brother brought and installed this for me. I told him I want waterproof flooring. He told me it’s some kind of plastic flooring”, he said, “my brother only took half a day to install all of this, so quick.”


Nowadays, waterproof flooring, has become an anxious requirement for more and more customers. Meanwhile, easy to install, this is also what people want, when the labor cost is getting higher and higher, so that they can do it by themselves.

What flooring my friend used for the renovation of the Barber shop is SPC flooring. Oh my god, I didn’t tell him I am in Protex Flooring, a SPC flooring company!

Compared with other flooring materials, such as laminate flooring, engineered flooring and solid flooring, SPC flooring has the excellent advantage of waterproof, and the great durability and stability. Compared with the ceramic tiles, the cost of SPC flooring is much lower and unbelievably easy to install. Just get rid of cement and sands.

With some many strengths and advantages, SPC flooring now is popular not only in domestic, but also all over the world. SPC has taken most marketing share of laminate flooring, and still eating the share of ceramic tiles and other flooring materials. Meanwhile, not only nice wood patterns can SPC show you, but also the tile, marble, carpet patterns. So it is not strange why this has become the best choice for flooring solution.

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