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PROTEX Flooring Shines at 2023 DOMOTEX ASIA with Three Outstanding New Products

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-13      Origin: Site


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The 2023 DOMOTEX ASIA witnessed a remarkable display from PROTEX Flooring, featuring three flagship new products: CWC FLOORING, SEW FLOORING, and ABSPC flooring.

CWC  Flooring

Deformation caused by moisture and water has always been a challenge that PROTEX Flooring, along with numerous other flooring manufacturers, has been tirelessly working to overcome. Through years of rigorous testing and deliberation with material suppliers, we have scientifically controlled the water absorption thickness expansion rate of the base material. This significantly reduces the occurrence of warping and swelling caused by water exposure in composite flooring, ensuring its durability and stability. CWC Flooring is a perfect fit for living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and even the humid climate of Southeast Asia's rainy season, providing peace of mind in daily maintenance.

SEW  Flooring

The durability, scratch resistance, and impact resistance of the surface of engineered wood composite flooring have always been areas for improvement compared to laminate composite flooring. PROTEX Flooring has introduced a new High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) veneer technology from South Korea, perfectly addressing this industry pain point. Additionally, it possesses resistance to heat and cigarette burns, making it a rare choice suitable for underfloor heating environments and public spaces. SEW Flooring is the epitome of a wood-like flooring solution.

ABSPC  Flooring

The primary advantage of ABSPC Flooring lies in its significantly reduced pattern repetition rate, which is approximately 2.58 times lower than that of ordinary stone crystal flooring. Enhanced In-Register (EIR) technology ensures high clarity of grain patterns, realistic colors, and lifelike wood textures, even replicating wood grain, knots, and fine details with remarkable accuracy. The combination of AB+EIR enhances the natural aesthetics of ABSPC Flooring.

Future Trends: More Environmentally Friendly, Healthier, and Practical Flooring

In the coming future, the flooring industry is poised to witness a surge in demand for environmentally friendly, healthier, and more practical flooring options. PROTEX Flooring is at the forefront of this trend, continually innovating to provide superior products that cater to various needs.

DOMOTEX ASIA 2023 was a platform for PROTEX Flooring to unveil these remarkable new products, showcasing our commitment to excellence and advancement in the flooring industry. As the world moves towards sustainable and health-conscious choices, our new flooring categories are set to redefine the standards for excellence in the field.

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