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Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Right for You?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-18      Origin: Site


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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), the fastest growing category in flooring, is possibly the most eco-friendly flooring in the world. It can be endlessly recycled. It has no heavy metals, no solvent based inks, no formaldehydes, and no PCP and components considered carcinogenic in it at all. It's fire resistant and doesn't release toxic gases. And importantly, it looks fashion and beautiful.

To help you decide whether vinyl is right for you, we’ve put together an expert guide to one of our most popular flooring options:

The reason most people go for carpet is that it's got warmth, comfort and it's quiet. It makes your toes feel nice. You want all that - but you don't want carpet. Thankfully today's sophisticated vinyl floors can give you all the warmth, comfort and quiet you need. The soft, absorbent backing reduces noise and provides insulation against the cold. And it's easy to take care.

There are a number of advantages to installing luxury vinyl:

·         Low maintenance. Fewer flooring options are as easy to care for as vinyl. All it takes is a quick sweep followed by a damp mop. Too easy!

·         Durable. A well-installed and properly maintained vinyl floor can last well over 20 years.

·         Stain resistant. Vinyl flooring is designed with a clear wear layer, which acts as a surface barrier, protecting your floor from stains and spills.

·         Water-resistant. Almost impervious to water penetration, vinyl flooring is a great option for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens or laundries.

·         Comfort underfoot. Vinyl doesn’t get cold in winter and generally provides a softer surface than timber or tiles.

·         Great value. Luxury vinyl is an affordable flooring option that will give you a luxe look for less.

·         Versatility of design. Available in a huge assortment of colours and styles, including some that look like stone tiles or timber planks, vinyl flooring suits any space.

Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Although vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile and low maintenance, there are few drawbacks that are worth considering:

·         Difficulty to repair. While luxury vinyl is durable, it can be prone to gouges by sharp objects. Unfortunately it also cannot be refinished, so when it’s damaged, it needs to be removed and replaced. This means it’s important to avoid dragging heavy furniture across it. Large dogs with long nails may also not be a great match with vinyl!

·         Sub-floor needs to be smooth and flat. When installing vinyl, you need to work with a flat sub-floor. Surfaces that aren’t completely level, or have small bumps can cause visible lumps to appear in the surface of your flooring.

·         Susceptibility to yellowing. In the past, vinyl would often discolour with age. This isn’t the case with our luxury vinyl range, which has been designed with the latest technology developments to ensure it is resistant to yellowing.

Since 1998, PROTEX is the high class professional PVC flooring producer from China with extensive manufacturing and export expertise.

We are unique since we have our own resin plant, print film plant, SPC flooring plant and also a WPC flooring plant.

Our main products are:

spc deco floor

spc stone plastic composite flooring

wpc plank flooring

hybrid wpc flooring

commercial lvt flooring

grey lvt flooring

hpl flooring

Get The Look

Overwhelmed by the number of luxury vinyl options that are available? To help get you started, check out three of our most popular designs:





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