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How to clean vinyl flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-01      Origin: Site


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Vinyl is a high performance resin. It is a thermosetting liquid resin with excellent mechanical properties and easy processing and fast curing. Because of its high specific strength and fatigue resistance, it is widely used in anti-corrosion, flooring, pipe fittings, automobiles, ships, military, sports equipment and other fields. Today we mainly introduce vinyl flooring and how to clean it.

vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is an economical choice for many homeowners. Vinyl flooring is widely used because it is affordable, impervious, durable, easy to install, has a variety of looks and is inexpensive. A good vinyl floor is almost impervious to water, making it an ideal material for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or other high humidity spaces in the home. Vinyl does not get cold in winter and is usually softer than wood or tiled floors. Some vinyl sheets and tiles also have a padded bottom layer that people will feel comfortable when walking on this floor. A variety of desirable features make this versatile flooring material a popular choice today.

vinyl flooring

Do you know how to clean vinyl flooring?

Sweeping frequently

Like ordinary flooring, the key to maintaining a good vinyl floor is cleaning. Remove the dirt before it is ground and your vinyl floor will last longer. Use a broom to sweep the dust regularly and clean it with a mop or a rag.

Use the correct detergent

It is best not to use heavy duty detergent to remove dirt. You need to clean the vinyl flooring with a mild detergent. Mix warm water and detergent first, soak the mop or sponge with the mixture, and then wipe the floor to loosen the dirt. A mild detergent not only cleans the floor but also maintains the floor.

vinyl flooring

Almighty baking soda

If the ink, lipstick, ketchup, grape juice,and other stains get on the vinyl floor, it is difficult to clean up? Baking soda cream can create a miracle! Apply baking soda or baking soda to the floor with a soft rag and gently rub until the stains disappear.

Do not soak vinyl flooring

It is important to remember that water is not always the best vinyl floor cleaner. Water from the wet mop will enter the cracks, seams and edges. It breaks the adhesive that holds the vinyl, making it loose or curled at the corners.

vinyl flooring

Keep luster

The new vinyl floor looks very shiny. If your vinyl floor is tarnished, you can use a polish or sealant made specifically for wax-free flooring. Make sure the floor is thoroughly clean and apply one or two layers of thin wax as instructed. It should keep your floor shining for at least a year.

Prevent high temperatures

High-temperature items should not be placed directly on the vinyl floor. It is easy to make the floor fade, dry, burned, etc.It is better to use the insulation pad.

Prevent scratches

It is easy to scratch the vinyl floor when moving furniture or dragging large objects. You can't directly drag heavy objects on vinyl floor, and don’t use sharp objects or rough objects to draw the floor. If the floor is scratched, it should be repaired in time, otherwise it will affect the floor’s beauty and longevity.

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