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How to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

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Luxury Vinyl flooring products are created with innovative technology to mimic natural hardwood and stone, while providing the durability of vinyl. These high-performance floors are easy to maintain, provide exceptional stain-resistance, and is waterproof. Luxury Vinyl provides more warmth to a home and comfort to your feet than traditional hardwood or stone flooring. Unlike ceramic, porcelain or stone options, Luxury Vinyl will not crack or break. So how to install the LVT or LVP flooring?


Step 1 – Know Your Vinyl Flooring

Flooring America offers many Luxury Vinyl flooring brands that come in looks that are ultra-realistic, but each type can have separate installation instructions. Some types use glue or grout, some lock together and some have peel-off backing. All Luxury Vinyl must acclimate to the environment of your home for a minimum of 48-72 hours. Be sure to measure carefully when ordering your Luxury Vinyl and include overage.  


Step 2 – Removing Any Obstacles

The expert installer will remove all the obstacles in the room, including appliances and trim. If they are working in the kitchen, they will leave the kitchen island in place. Your flooring expert will also remove any old flooring and the reveal the sub-floor. They will work quickly and efficiently to remove the existing floor and dispose it.


Step 3 – Preparing the Sub-Floor

Luxury Vinyl flooring should sit on flat, clean sub-flooring. If the subfloor isn’t smooth, the Luxury Vinyl won’t be smooth.  Gouges will be filled at this point to ensure the subfloor is smooth.


Step 4 – Putting Down the Vinyl Flooring

Your Luxury Vinyl flooring may come in sheets, planks or square tiles. Depending on the type of Luxury Vinyl flooring you have chosen, you may be snapping planks together, gluing down sheets or peeling the backing off of tiles. If you are applying tiles, begin in the center of the room to create a symmetrical pattern. Planks should begin at the edge of a room.


The success of your installation of Luxury Vinyl flooring that utilizes adhesion (glue) depends on how it sticks to the sub-floor. Allow the bond to set firmly for several hours before replacing any trim or appliances. Our flooring experts have the expertise and tools to complete your installation correctly.


Each Luxury Vinyl flooring purchase with installation from us at Flooring America comes with a lifetime installation warranty. If your Luxury Vinyl flooring has a problem years down the road related to installation, we will make your flooring right again. With more than 500 locations nationwide and our Five Star Selection System, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long lasting, durable luxury vinyl that’s kid proof and pet proof for a home or a commercial space.


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