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Floor decoration: It is important to match the style of the house and the floor color.

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-03-05      Origin: Site


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Floor decoration: It is important to match the style of the house and the floor color. 

Floor decoration of the new house looks much more comfortable than ceramic tiles, some even more beautiful. In fact, if you want to make your new house special, the choice of the floor color is very important. 

Nowadays, pvc floor (such as spc flooring,wpc flooring,LVT flooring,HPL flooring and so on) become a new type of floor decoration material widely used in many countries in the world today.It has more modern advantages than solid wood flooring in function, and can achieve good results in appearance. Lets talk about color choosing in flooring.


In addition to the choice of floor color, we should pay attention to the overall home decoration style, but also pay attention to the feeling of occupants. Different colors of wood flooring, will create a different home atmosphere. So it's important to choose the right color for floor!


The classic brown

Brown is a Chinese traditional color, with the characteristics of elegant, simple, dignified and elegant.

 In the modern home, the brown floor is aesthetic fashion perfectly combined with low extravagance and elegance.



Grey, as cold as frost, as gentle as cloud. Grey power comes from relaxing. It give people a sense of calm,warmth and calm, harmony and hierarchy.

Grey, makes a feast for the eyes and more mysterious to lead the fashion trend. It will never be out of date likes the master's classic works. It fully satisfies the imagination of people to the quality of home life. At the same time, it becomes the fashion style of refined and elegant life, no specific style, but can control any kind of style.


Emperor yellow

In the Chinese-style color matching system, what color can compete with Chinese red is the most noble emperors yellow. It is noble ,magnificent. We can see it whether in The ancient Forbidden City in Beijing or luxury European Palace.

It can be combined with high-saturation royal colors and classical furniture, showing the cultural connotation of the East. In the emperor yellow floor , no matter how simple the design can create a romantic atmosphere and become extraordinarily fascinating.


Chinese red

Only Chinese red, it is well-deserved to call it the most traditional Chinese connotation of color.

It is the Chinese nation's favorite color, even become the Chinese cultural totem and spiritual conversion. China's red atmosphere is full of ancient flavor of Qin and Han dynasties, continues the style of Tang and Song dynasties, follows the brilliant vein of Wei and Jin dynasties, and flows the unique charm of Yuan-Ming and Qing dynasties.

Now Chinese Red is the favorite in fashion world and all kinds of big brand company use it. In the home, you can use Chinese red wood floor to reflect the unique culture of the house.

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