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Floor Care Instructions

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Post Installation

Protex vinyl flooring will retain its beauty and function for many years to come, but it does require simple care. Post Installation Installation preparation is easy but crucial for the performance of your floor

—Remove all loose debris from the floor by using a soft sweeping brush or dust mop.

— For Loose lay products, do not walk on the floor until the adhesive has completely dried – a recommendation of 12 hours.

—Use a damp mop with the recommended floor routine cleaner.


Routine Care

Ensure your floor lasts a lifetime by following the simple guidelines below.

 —Sweep and dust mop regularly. If vacuuming, use vacuum head with a brush or felt, not a head equipped with a beater.

 —Use a damp mop with the recommended floor routine cleaner. DO NOT use bleach based products or washing up liquid.

 —Attend to spillages immediately.

 —Liberally apply the cleaning solution over a manageable area using a clean mop, then rinse off the cleaning solution and leave to dry.

 —Do not use steel wool or scouring powder that will scratch the floor.

 —Minimize abrasive and dirt by placing mats on both sides of exterior doors. Area rugs in high-traffic areas are also a good idea.

 —Place protective pads beneath furniture legs and other heavy objects. Keep furniture casters clean. Keep pets’ nails trimmed.

 — Remove shoes with cleats, spikes or exceptionally pointy heels before walking on the floor.

 —Take great care when moving furniture and heavy objects. Lay down a protective sheet or plywood.

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