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2024 Trends Regional Hot Selling Popular Colors——Protex Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-21      Origin: Site


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When it comes to colors, everyone has his/her idea, light, dark, gradient color...... In fact, most color choices are based on many factors, interior style, surrounding decor and so on.

Every seller want to catch the new color trend in order to gain more market share, and every buyer want to decorate their home to make it looks more elegant and aesthetic. So, How to choose it? Today i have some thoughts about the color selection.

Different area market has its own different hot selling colors, which represent the aesthetics and taste of local people. Now i simply list some markets popular colors.


As the largest flooring market all around the world, the popular color style  can be approximately divided into three parts by areas, East, Middle and West.

US East residents tend to choose a mix of neutral and dark color, such as walnut and hickory with light brown, gray, which are similar to European manner. This color option will make your interior style become more retro and elegant.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors1Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors2

US West residents are inclined towards neutral and light color combination, such as walnut and hickory with blonde and yellow , which are similar to Asia style. This color option will make your home more modern and beautiful.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors3Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors4

US Middle combines the styles from two regions, with coffee or camel. This color option makes your home gain more aesthetics and beauty.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors5Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors6


The main market includes Germany, Spain, England, Italy...... every country has its own unique and cultural style. Generally, most countries residents choose dark or mixed color, mainly Oak and Walnut with tan, brown, charcoal, light gray and so on. Some countries will also select teak wood or natural wood color. This color choice will give you a more bright and flat felling.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors7Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors8

European home decor style shows its integration of multi culture from many countries. Now people tend to choose light color in order to seek a feeling of concise and spacious but still not lose its inherent nobility and elegance.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors9Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors10


Compared with neutral colors, dark tones will be a better choice in Australia, such as cherry wood with burgundy or red brown colors. Dark colors give more texture and luxury to the home. More and more medium and high end family prefer to deep colors combination.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors11Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors12

Southeast Asia

Many countries such as Philippines and Malaysia local people tend to choose bright and lively color as their home decor main basic tone. For example, they will choose OAK, teak and wenge with white, light gray, wine red, galssy yellow. This color selection showcases South Asia special regional style, make the home more commodious and tidy. However, some of them still choose dark color as residential or commercial main tone.

Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors13Protex Flooring Hot Selling Popular Colors14

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