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2024 SPC Flooring Factory Hot-Selling Colors And Emerging Trends

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-15      Origin: Site


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The design of a floor determines whether it can gain market recognition. People in different regions have different preferences and choices for colors, patterns, and embossing. Familiarly mastering the preferred colors of each region is the ability of every dealer and wholesaler with deep experience in the market. This article aims to better guide you to understand the hot-selling colors in different regions and the reasons behind them.

1. Reflections on 2023's Hot-Selling Colors

Looking back, the most popular flooring style in 2023 is “Pure” with “Rustic” a close second and “Vintage” in third. The minimalist Nordic style is very popular, especially the pure design is deeply loved by everyone. In 2023, people's preferred colors are no longer wild and exaggerated, but more simple, fresh and natural. This seems to be closely related to the experience of that year. The world after the epidemic is eager to rejuvenate, and people are also pursuing inner peace more. Therefore, everyone prefers a simple style that is close to nature, such as using low-saturation colors and surface embossing that imitates natural textures.

2024 SPC Flooring Factory1

2. Forecasting 2024's Color Trends and Themes

The hot colors and hot-selling color trends in 2024 also revolve around this theme. Cream, honey, sunset gray, and earth tones are some of our favorite colors.

Cream color represents healing and purity, which can make people feel comfortable and relaxed; honey color represents hope and brightness, its high saturation can make people feel vibrant; sunset gray represents neutrality and balance, it is minimalist Color can calm people down; earth color represents stability and luxury, giving people a sense of grandeur standing on the earth.

2024 SPC Flooring Factory22024 SPC Flooring Factory3

3.Regional Color Preferences Unveiled

2024 SPC Flooring Factory4After talking about hot colors, let’s break it down by region to see what styles of colors people in different countries and regions like. Europe is a continent with a rich artistic history, and the market has always been changing, but they have always guarded their aesthetics. Nordic countries are known for their "minimalism". They advocate the concept of "less is more" and pay more attention to the coordination between the design itself and the scene during the design process. The light colors and the refreshing feeling of the natural wood color are their key points. Reasons to always choose minimalist style. The traditional European style has richer and more diverse colors and richer colors. The European favorite style has clear overall texture, complete patterns, simplicity and liveliness, elegance and harmony.


The United States is a very tolerant country, and the styles of different regions vary greatly. The urbanization level of major cities in the Eastern United States, especially New York, Washington, and Boston, has reached over 90%. It is one of the largest financial centers in the world. Therefore, the economy and consumption power of the Eastern United States are generally strong, and the overall decoration style It will have a sense of fashion and design, and the style will be more inclined to the European minimalist style. The central area combines the minimalist style of the Eastern United States and the remote American country style, which is a good transition between the Eastern American style. Meixi is mainly characterized by openness, innovation and freedom. The decoration style is more inclined to the rough and natural style, retaining the original flavor of the materials as much as possible.

4. Conclusion: Navigating Consumer Hearts

Only by knowing more about the preferences of different regions can we firmly grasp the hearts of consumers. Our company has more than 20 years of experience and we have market data. Everyone is welcome to discuss and exchange with us.

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