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Exploring SPC AB Plank: A+B Equals Infinite?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-31      Origin: Site


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Our ultimate goal has always been to provide you with flooring that is comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and beautiful. It should be able to meet your needs for comfort as well as beautify the design of the indoor space. Our new SPC A&B wood series will enhance your room design and make you feel like you are deep in nature.

What is SPC AB?

As people's requirements for floor aesthetics always change, we persist in upgrading and optimizing our product color series. While pursuing high quality and beauty, SPC AB flooring is successfully launched. The common SPC plank design is a repetition of a single color pattern, while AB plank contains two similar designs, A and B. They  are pieced together into a whole design. It is full of artistic style and highlights innovative design style. SPC AB is produced in a range of colors similar to regular SPC, but distinguished by unique patterns that lead you to redefine your space in a personalized way.

SPC AB flooringSPC AB flooring

SPC AB Structure & Series

SPC AB Structure & Series


  • Super UV Coating

  • Wear layer

  • Realistic color film layer

  • Reinforced Composite Core

  • Underlay



  • MAPLEA+B: PTW6307&PTW6308

Maple, the texture is clear. The color is coordinated and unified. The depth change is natural. The plain texture contains a unique and elegant feeling inside.





Oak, the texture is delicate and the grain is varied. Oak can be combined and assembled in different way and bring our lives more fun, romantic and creativity.


What really sets SPC AB apart is its unparalleled size advantage - larger decorative repeats, which is about 2.5 times larger than common SPC. This unique feature not only enhances visual appeal but also develop a realm of infinite possibilities.

SPC AB EIR Embossing

The other advantage is its exquisite EIR embossing, a delicate technique that gives floors a natural wood appearance. As you walk across the flooring, the elegant embossed details remind you of a tranquil forest and create the beauty of nature into your home or commercial space. EIR combines the surface with the decor and style, bringing the nature into your home with the easiest way, trending your home with natural EIR style.


SPC AB is more than just flooring, it demonstrates your favor to style, quality, and appreciation for details. Choosing SPC AB and embarking on a journey where your flooring become works of art and showcase the perfect fusion of innovation and timeless beauty.

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