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Wood Veneer SPC Flooring- VSPC

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SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is known for 100% waterproof with stability and durability.

The SPC flooring still has some weakness that the appearance of the surface looks fake, and it may feel a bit tough due to the rigid core materials. As the flooring expert, Protex always develops the better flooring for our customers. Now we launch the latest generation of flooring covers. The wood veneer+ SPC flooring.

Wood veneer SPC flooring-The beauty of real hardwood married with the performance of rigid core technology. That’s what the latest innovation in flooring is offering consumers in an age where waterproof is king.


The structure of VSPC flooring is of UV coating, Veneer, Rigid SPC core and underlayment (optional) with cold pressing processing. The biggest highlight of VSPC is the beauty of real wood surface, natural and random grain, which makes the flooring look and feel like the real hardwood. When you step on the VSPC flooring, it will also provide you with extraordinary comfortable foot feeling and warmth.


The texture of the solid wood veneer improves the texture of the SPC floor, and the visual effect is greatly improved.



  • 100% waterproof, which you can install in every room of your house.

  • Anti-Scratch, which contains metallic oxide inside, which ensures the scratch resistance.

  • Stain Resistance, the top layer UV coating provides the strong stain resistance

  • Veneer surface offers the real wood look

  • More comfortable and soft

  • Click System Easy Installation

  • Environment-friendly. Humid-proof.

100% waterproof VSPC floorings can be applied for every room of your house, such as kitchen and bathroom. And it’s also suitable in both commercial and domestic areas. Very easy to installation and clean. Besides, VSPC flooring is very friendly to old house renovation, which can be laid directly without removing, making it suitable for fast construction needs of department stores. Due to the easy click system “Unilin and I4F”, the installation is very easy, so VSPC will be popular among the DIY market. You can quickly install the floorings by yourself with the very attractive price.


Don’t miss VSPC flooring, the great involution product in 2020. Come to visit us Protex and find more details.

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