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Why MSPC Flooring is so popular?

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The big focus in flooring this year is on ease and ethics. Not necessarily the most common combination, but both are pretty darn relevant to our current generation.

We want things to be effortless. We’re busy, we’ve got our lives and things to do, and spending hours maintaining a floor is not one of them. On the other hand, we’re starting to care about how things are made, where they come from.

The 2021 flooring trends echo this with plenty of waterproof, recycled, and super abrasion resistance flooring options and that is MSPC Flooring. Maybe you will ask What is the MSPC Flooring? MSPC Flooring is a new generation flooring in 2021, which is impregnated melamine paper as top layer on SPC flooring to provide better performance on scratch free with more realistic tile: Below are the information details.

1. Super abrasion resistance: AC5 grade(EN ISO13329)--10 times than vinyl flooring

2. Super Anti-scratch: A1 grade(EN ISO 16094) beat vinyl even with Knife scratch  

3. Anti-stain: EN ISO 438--10 times than vinyl plank

4. Anti-fire: EN ISO 13501-1-- Bfl-S1 grade

5. Dimentional Stability: ISO23999-- Stable Within 0.5%                                                                                            

6. Size: 145/199x1220x4.0mm/5mm/6mm

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