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Why Is Herringbone So Expensive?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-13      Origin: Site


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Why is herringbone very popular?

Now with the quick development of flooring, more and more people are no longer satisfied with regular installation, they start to try fishbone, herringbone and so on.

Maybe you will notice that most people prefer herringbone to fishbone. The main reason why they choose like this is that fishbone is more expensive than herringbone due to its complex technology and too much wastage. Another reason is that it is very hard to install fishbone, people have to use many tools to assist.

Herringbone not only brings an aesthetic and symmetrical appearance for the house, but also creates an excellent visuals for people, which makes residential style more elegant and refined.

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Why is herringbone so expensive?

Though herringbone is cheaper than fishbone, but it still exceeds most people’s budget. Maybe you will ask the question: ‘whether herringbone is worth its price?’ i can not answer it comprehensively. Different flooring has its special usage and market, just like solid wood flooring, it is very expensive and not water resistant but there are still many people prefer choosing it. They try to seek the natural and realistic feeling.


Herringbone has its unique geometric sense and third-dimensional sense, showcasing your exquisite taste to all visitors. It integrates classical and modern styles, perfecting it with certain specific decorations.


During flooring production, after the core is ready, the factory need to cut them into pieces and operate machine to profile grooves. However, when producing herringbone, workers need to adjust the machine to exchange the grooves direction of long side and short side, which will increase more machine and labor costs.


Another point is that if you entrust installation company to assist you to install herringbone, it will also charge extra laying cost.


Protex Flooring always focus on customers installing convenience, comfortable foot feeling and popular style, has over 26 years PVC products industry history and over 8 years flooring producing&exporting experience. Protex’s herringbone has a more competitive price and better service all the time. 

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