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Why Choose Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring is in the past decade or so that it has truly come into its own as a design choice both for for homeowners and commercial businesses.

So why choose Vinyl flooring?

There are several causes for you to choose Vinyl flooring:

1. Durability

Now many vinyl flooring options have multiple layers: wear layer, stability layer, virgin PVC layer, and the physical vinyl backing layer. Extra layers = extra durable. The top wear layer gives your vinyl flooring protection like antibacterial which is like your personal body guard for the normal wear and tear in your home, ensuring its beauty for decades to come.


2. Environmental


Vinyl flooring is possibly the most eco-friendly flooring in the world. It can be endlessly recycled and has no heavy metals, no solvent based inks, no formaldehydes, and no PCP and components considered carcinogenic in it at all. It's fire resistant, waterproof and doesn't release toxic gases. And importantly, it looks good.

3. Price

Every one wants to get what he/she pays for. Of course, excellent quality with reasonable price is better. So are you ready for a perfect deal? Vinyl often uses recycles materials – this means you pay less. And vinyl is a favorable option for anyone who is concerned with choosing a high quality green flooring option while remaining within budget. Most of people hate choosing between things they want, and I bet you do too. Then with vinyl, you get the best of every world.

4. Easy to clean and maintain


The vinyl is finished with a protective coating and only basic maintenance, like Scuff, scratch and stain resistant. So vinyl is the ideal flooring for households with people of all ages. Have a spill? No problem. Just wipe it up with a cloth. Pets? Easy. Sweeping or mopping down with lukewarm water and Universal Cleaner will do the trick. That’s why vinyl flooring is perfect for family rooms, kitchens, and virtually anywhere in your home.

5. More Textures, Patterns and Colors for options


There are many options that resemble traditional hardwood, stone, and slate tiles that provide warmth, comfort and quiet you require. The soft, absorbent backing reduces noise and provides insulation against the cold. 

With so many advantages: durability, environmental, good price, ease of cleaning, and such more patterns and so on, it is no wonder vinyl is taking over the flooring market and considered the flooring of the future.

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