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Which Type of Flooring Is Best?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-20      Origin: Site


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When you think about your impression of a home you've visited for the first time, what do you remember? The amount of light entering the rooms, the color of the furnishings and the size of the space tend to be the most memorable things, but you will have noticed the flooring even if you don’t remember it. That’s because the flooring in place should be in keeping with the property. If the home is intended for a young family, the floors will most likely be carpeted to cushion an infant’s fall. If the home is filled with pets, perhaps a hardwood surface that’s easily cleaned is the way to go. The basic thing about flooring is that it’s functional but that doesn’t have to mean it’s boring.



Hardwood Flooring

There are lots of benefits to having hardwood flooring in your property but the main reason homeowners opt for it is because it looks great. You’re adding a natural beauty to your home when you lay hardwood flooring but you’re also putting in place a durable surface that’s versatile and easily cleaned. Although you’ll need to sweep the floor more often than you need to vacuum a carpet, you’ll be able to clean up spilled liquid easily enough and tidying up after children and pets after they’ve been in the garden is far easier too.


Laminate Flooring

An alternative to hardwood and carpet is laminate flooring. This is synthetic flooring fused together in a lamination process that combines multiple layers. This type of flooring looks like wood or stone so has a natural look to it but without the drawbacks. It’s easier to install than wood flooring so the installation is cheap compared with hardwood. It’s also durable, and it’s very hygienic, especially if it contains antimicrobial resin. Easy and cheap maintenance are other reasons to opt for this over other floorings.



Tiles are another option you could go for. Tiles can be expensive but they can be a feature of a property in a way that other flooring can never be. A pretty design can help elevate a room in the eyes of those who enter it, but that’s not the main reason to consider tiling. Ceramic floor tiling is impervious to water and stain penetration thanks to a protective layer which makes them very durable. A well installed floor can last between 15 and 20 years without maintenance, and you can install this type of flooring relatively cheaply, especially if you opt for a basic design.


Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood flooring will cost between five and eight dollars per square foot depending on the area you live in. The same floor covered with a laminate can be installed for between two and eight dollars per square foot. The cost of carpet installation is on par with that of laminate flooring so you could pay as little as two dollars per square foot. Tiles are a little more expensive to put down so expect to pay at least five dollars per square foot.



There’s a lot of choices out there which is great because you don’t need to use the same flooring throughout the home. The kitchen and bathrooms are normally tiled in most homes because liquids are often spilled on the floor, and bedrooms can be a little warmer and more comfortable if they’re carpeted so the upstairs of your property would benefit from that type of flooring. What you go for downstairs is up for debate as carpeting, laminate, hardwood and tiles work equally well in the living room.

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