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What types of click locking systems of SPC flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-15      Origin: Site


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1. Unilin Click System

Uniclic was the first one-piece locking profile to be introduced to the market. This glueless locking technology for flooring works perfectly for both the long and short sides of the flooring panel. In addition to that, Uniclic is a locking system that is suitable for all types of materials starting from 3.2 mm.

The installation of Uniclic is fast and simple. The Uniclic profile can be classified as an angle or basic locking profile, which means it has to be installed by an angular rotation movement. Besides this angular installation method, Uniclic can also be installed in a horizontal way by snapping the planks into each other.

Uniclic is widely known for its strong locking performance due to the possibility to use pre-tension. The Uniclic profile can thus be designed in such a way that the flexible lower lip will still be under a bit of stress after locking. This tension pulls the engaged planks closer together, which ensures there are no unwanted gaps or spaces between floorboards.

2. I4F Click system

3L TripleLock---The original short-sided integral straight-down latching installation system

3L TripleLock is the easiest and fastest installation system on the market for existing high speed production of flooring. Unlike other installation systems, the short side does not require additional inserts. This also means less work, reduced costs, material savings and a lower carbon footprint.

Click4U---Angled insertion on the long side combined with short side 3L TripleLock

The Click4U works seamlessly with the 3L TripleLock to achieve exceptional locking strength. Quick and easy to install, no special tools are required and it is suitable for existing high speed production machines.

i-Click4U is the first watertight, integral direct-fall locking flooring system.

3. Valinge Click system

5G-i Push down installation

For resilient flooring. When the panels are folded down, the locking strips are designed to bend smoothly as the guiding surfaces of each panel do so. As the guiding surfaces pass over each other, the locking strips bend backwards, thus pulling the folded panels into a perfectly aligned and locked position.

2G locking system

Angled mounting. The 2G is a strong and robust mechanical locking system. The system is best combined with a folding version on the short side for the fastest and easiest installation. However, it can also be used on both the long and short sides for angled installation.

5G Folding installation

The 5G installation is secured by a visible and audible locking feature. When the panel is folded down, a flexible plastic tongue is pushed into a tongue slot. When the panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out of a wedge-shaped slot, emitting a 'click' and locking the product vertically.

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