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What should be paid attention to before installing spc floor?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-10      Origin: Site


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With the emergence of SPC flooring in the market, its functionality and practicability are gradually recognized and accepted by consumers. However, since SPC floor is a new material and new technology, when the market demand increases, professional installation technicians have become in short supply. However, ordinary consumers cannot complete the installation of SPC floors without professional training and guidance. In order to give full play to the superior performance of SPC floor, the precautions for installation of SPC floor will now be explained.

1. Ground base treatment

Like the paving of wooden floors, the SPC floor should be treated with the base layer of the cement rough ground before paving, and the preparations for cleaning should be done well. The requirements for the ground are no sand, no hollowing, no cracking, and ground strength Good, firm and free of paint, glue, chemical solutions and moisture.

2.the ground base layer

The flatness requirement of the SPC floor for the ground base is an error of 2mm within 2 meters. If the flatness of the ground does not meet the requirements, leveling work is required. Generally speaking, self-leveling is recommended. Of course, cement mortar can also be used for leveling. You can consider the actual situation.

3. Ground standard testing

After leveling, it is necessary to wait patiently for the base layer to dry, and the ground humidity is required to be lower than 4.5%, and the ambient temperature is required to be above 10-15 °C. Only when the conditions are met can the SPC floor be installed.

4. SPC floor installation

Generally speaking, the first piece of SPC floor is laid from the upper left corner of the house. A 4mm expansion joint should be reserved between the wall and the floor. The other steps are similar to the steps for installing wooden floors, because most of them say SPC floors. It is very similar to the wooden floor in structure. It can be spliced according to the groove. If there is a gap during paving, a rubber hammer can be used to assist the paving.

5. Acceptance inspection

After the paving is completed, check and accept the work to see if there are any places where the paving is not in place so that it can be dealt with in time.

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