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What is rigid vinyl plank?

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Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring is an engineered vinyl floor that has an enhanced rigid core construction for dimensional stability. This floor is an improved version of traditional vinyl floors that adds more of a wood floor feel to a vinyl.


Construction: PVC + additives for flexibility + a higher amount of stone aggregate. 100% virgin vinyl is better for health.


Strong load-bearing: The average load barring measurement for rigid floors ranges from 3,500 to 5,000 plus PSI.


Stability: Rigid floors provide greater dimensional stability than vinyl.

Rigid floors can handle different environments because they contract and expand at a minimal amount.


Easy to Installation: The click locking system making it is easier to line up the joints and planks, which makes the installation easier.


Fashion: Thousands of colors, textures to choose from.


100% Waterproof: Rigid flooring has super strong waterproof performance.

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