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What is EIR (Embossed in Register) Flooring?

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Due to the development of technology the options of flooring become more and more, and it has made it possible to have a floor with the beautiful look and feel of natural wood – but better. Now most companies in China produce SPC Vinyl flooring , The surface type is mainly based on deep embossing.

To desire customers requirement about Rigid Core SPC Flooring Embossed in Register (EIR) surface, Protex has purchased the newest EIR production equipment. 




Embossing Adds Texture to Flooring

Embossing can be added during the heating process. A metal plate containing a pattern is pressed into the surface layer, creating ridges similar to the ridges in stone or wood. Texture is added to the flat photo layer that may or may not match the grain of the photo of the real wood or stone.

There are four categories of embossed vinyl flooring: small, middle, large and Embossed in Register – the top grade.

  • 1. Small: An even, uniform, small pattern used to mimic fine grain woods

  • 2. Middle: A larger, deeper and wider pattern

  • 3. Large: The largest and deepest pattern, resembling larger grain woods

Small, medium and large patterns DO NOT match the grain of the underlying image. It looks better than perfectly smooth vinyl, but doesn’t seem natural since the pattern doesn’t match the grain of the photo layer.

  • 4. Embossed In Register (EIR): Protex EIR flooring is the highest quality flooring – the Hope Diamond of luxury      vinyl. The texture perfectly lines up with and matches the wood portrayed      in the image layer.


The Benefits of REALFEEL Flooring

Embossed -In-Register EIRis a manufacturing process that intensifies the depth,texture and authentic look of the flooring by an embossment surface which is totally matching the wooden vein of the decoration paper to indulge you in a feeling of real wood .This amazing technology creates an natural and authentic look, and provides increased traction and improved slip resistance. This EIR collection was created based on this point, it gives an ideal choice for those who want their floor to look as close to real wood as possible and looks fantastic.Protex Flooring uses the most advanced Embossed in Register technology. EIR flooring has the look and feel of real wood with all of the benefits and easy care of the best vinyl flooring. REALFEEL flooring is truly the best of both worlds – combining the gorgeous appeal of high end hardwood flooring with all of the benefits of a top quality floor.


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