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What are the Common Floor Materials?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-01      Origin: Site


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The floor materials are: solid wood flooring, cork flooring, TST-PVC (plastic flooring), bamboo flooring, anti-static flooring, porcelain flooring, linen flooring, heating floors, etc.


1. Solid wood floor: Solid wood floor is the floor decoration material that is formed after the wood is dried and processed. It has the characteristics of natural pattern, comfortable foot feeling and safety. It is an ideal material for floor decoration in bedroom, living room and study room.

The wood characteristics of solid wood flooring are that when the climate is dry and the moisture inside the wood is released; when the climate is humid and the wood absorbs moisture from the air. The wooden floor adjusts the humidity of the room air to the most comfortable level of the human body by absorbing and releasing moisture. Scientific research shows that long-term living in wooden houses can extend the life expectancy by an average of 10 years.

living room floor

2. Cork flooring: Cork is an oak tree growing on the Mediterranean coast, and the raw material of cork products is the bark of oak trees. Compared with solid wood flooring, it is more environmentally friendly, soundproof, moisture-proof and has a better foot feeling. The cork flooring is soft, quiet, comfortable and wearable. It can provide great cushioning for accidental fall of the elderly and children. Its unique sound absorption and insulation properties are also very suitable for bedrooms, conference rooms, libraries, recording studios and other places.

3. PVC: The PVC sheet flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, The PVC sheet flooring is suitable for laying the living room and bedroom floor. (Mid-end decoration), and the excellent or first-class materials should be selected.

4. Bamboo floor: Bamboo floor is made of natural high-quality bamboo. After more than 20 steps processes, it takes off the original bamboo pulp, pressed by high temperature and high pressure, and then passed through 3 layers of paint, and finally dried by infrared ray. Bamboo flooring has the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, giving people a feeling of returning to nature.

It has many characteristics. Firstly, the bamboo floor is made of bamboo, which has the original characteristics of bamboo. Moreover, in the process of processing bamboo, high-quality glue that meets the national standard is used to avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to human body, and bamboo flooring uses advanced equipment and technology, through the processing of 26 steps of raw bamboo, have both natural beauty of the wood floor and the durability of the ceramic floor tiles.

living room floor

5. Geothermal heating: Geothermal heating floor is also called low temperature hot water radiant heating floor. Low temperature floor radiation is a system that uses the ground inside the building for heating. It saves the use area of the room and saves energy. The real temperature of low temperature hot water floor heating is 2 ° C ~ 4 ° C higher than the actual temperature. It meets the requirements of “measurement by household and compartmental temperature adjustment”.

6. Anti-static floor Anti-static floor is also called dissipative static floor. It is a floor that, when grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated, and the resistance is between 1.0x105-10 Ω.

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