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What Kind of Carpet is Best for Your Home?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-05      Origin: Site


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What Kind of Carpet is Best for Your Home?

In modern home decoration, more and more people will choose carpets to decorate their homes. A rug can decorate the space of the entire house. In addition to being beautiful, it is also a decorative method that is easier to replace than the floor. Some people also lay carpets between the furniture and the vinyl flooring or wood flooring to protect the floor surface from scratches. 

But the carpet is not just a matter of choosing and arbitrarily paving. Do you know what kind of carpet is best for your home? Let’s learn some key points in carpet selection.

vinyl flooring carpet

1.Match the carpet to the style of the house decoration.

The color of the carpet is determined according to the main color of the home decoration and the large pieces of furniture, such as the color of the sofa TV wall. The carpet should be consistent with the shades of the sofa cushions, curtains, and decorative paintings, so that the overall color tone can be more harmonious. 

The main color in your room is used as the color component of the carpet, which can make sure the selection of carpet is simple and accurate. After ensuring the uniformity of color, the pattern and style can then be determined. 

2.Choose different carpet according to the function of the room.

Different rooms have different carpet selections. Generally, it is suitable to use a carpet with soft texture in the bedroom. If you want a warm and relaxing atmosphere, you can choose a wool carpet. It will be fluffy and very comfortable to step on.

On the other hand, living room is the place to receive guests, where the flow of people is relatively large. So it is suitable for wear-resistant and easy-care carpet such as mixed chemical fiber carpet. 

As for the bathroom, it is suitable for non-slip carpets with a rough surface, in order to prevent slipping.

carpet in bedroom

3.Plan the appropriate carpet area.

The carpet in your bedroom doesn't need to be too large. Sometimes you just need to put a small piece on the edge of the bed. The biggest use of the carpet in the bedroom is to prevent your feet from touching the cold ground directly when you come out of the bed. 

The carpet in dining room is always placed under the table and chairs. The size of the carpet should take into consideration the chairs when they are pulled out. 

Carpets placed at the door should generally be laid with small-sized carpets or foot pads, which not only beautify the home, but also have the effect of cleaning.

If your living room is not large, you should choose a carpet that is slightly larger than the tea table. For sofas with more than three seats, the recommended carpet size is about 3.2mx2.4m.

4.Daily carpet cleaning methods. 

You can use vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet frequently. Another tip for you: sprinkle some fine salt on the carpet to absorb dust and then use a vacuum cleaner. This can reach a better result in cleaning. Wipe the stain from the outside with a dry cloth that is not easy to fade. What’s more, a mixture of vinegar and warm water can easily remove stains. Remember to turn over when drying the carpet under the sun, which can prevent color loss. 

Now have you learned these tips of carpet selection

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