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What Is The Construction Technology Of Hpl Anti-Static Floor?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-15      Origin: Site


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HPL (melamine veneer) is a commonly used veneer in the anti-static floor industry. It has perfect anti-static function. During the use, the maintenance of HPL veneer is quite simple, and the surface is durable, high temperature resistant, dustproof, shockproof and resistant. Fireworks, with excellent wear resistance. The HPL veneer is rich in color and is popular among the public. It can be used as an indoor and outdoor floor decoration material.

Composite anti-static flooring is usually made up of four parts: surface material, board base, composite anti-static floor composite anti-static floor.

Bottom layer and support system. The board base is divided into three types: wood Particleboard base, calcium silicate board base and calcium sulfate board base. Surface veneers usually include: HPL, ceramics, etc., and special surface layers such as rubber can be attached.

The paving effect is beautiful, while taking into account the practical effects, it is widely used in various computer room office environments. The overhead anti-static floor is mainly assembled by adjustable brackets, beams and panels. The technical performance of brackets, beams and panels shall comply with the design requirements and the current national regulations.

HPL floor

1. Carefully check the flatness of the ground and the verticality of the wall. If any major defects are found or need to be partially modified, it should be submitted to the relevant department of Party A;

2. Draw the horizontal line and use the ink line to hit the wall surface to ensure that the floor after laying is in the same level, measure the length, width and selection of the reference position in the room, and pop the network grid of the mounting support on the ground. To ensure that the laying is neat and beautiful, while minimizing the cutting of the floor;

3. Adjust the support to be installed to the same required height and place the support at the intersection of the ground grid lines;

4. Fix the truss beam to the support with the installation screw, and calibrate the truss beam one by one with the level ruler and right angle ruler, so that they are both in the same plane and perpendicular to each other;

5. Place the raised floor on the assembled truss beam with a suction plate;

6. If the remaining size near the wall is smaller than the length of the raised floor, you can use the method of cutting the floor to make up;

HPL floor

7. When laying the floor, the level of the blister level is leveled by block. The height of the raised floor is adjusted by the adjustable support. During the laying process, it should be handled gently to prevent scratching the floor and damaging the edge strips. Avoid leaving debris and dust under the floor;

8. When installing heavy equipment in the equipment room, install a support under the floor of the equipment base to prevent deformation of the floor;

9. When the HPL decorative board needs to be cut or opened, the crack should be stopped at the concave corner of the opening to prevent cracking of the processed floor surface.

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