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What Is PP Flooring?What Are The Benefits of PP Flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-22      Origin: Site


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PP flooring, similar to PVC flooring, one kind of thermoplastics, which mainly consists of polypropylene. It has the same structure as PVC flooring, with wear paper, decor paper, PP core and balance paper.


Considering its interlocking system, PP is more brittle than PVC. In theory, manufacture should use same PP material for its wear paper, decor paper and balance paper during production. However, actually many manufactures prefer to use PVC resin as its paper raw material in order to reduce producing cost. Sometimes they will add some other additional agents to ensure the whole structure more stable.

PP flooring manufacturer1

PP flooring vs. PVC flooring

1) Heat Resistance:PVC flooring will slowly melt and deform when exposed to sunlight for too long time. PP flooring has better heat resistance up to about 300℉.

2) Degradability:PVC can not be totally degraded in the nature because of its chlorine. PP can be degraded without any pollution.

3) Impact Resistance:PP flooring is more fragile than PVC, even will be damaged by dropping a hammer on it. PVC has better impact resistance.


What are the benefits of PP flooring?

1) Recyclable

Leftover PP materials from production can be recycled and used again to produce new PP products. 

PP flooring manufacturer2

2)Outstanding durability.

PP flooring is 100% waterproof, fire-resistant, heat-insulating, stable, and resistant to moisture.

PP flooring manufacturer3


Useless PP materials can be degraded in nature without releasing toxic substances.


No toxic or harmful substances are released during production, catering to the public's concept of environmental protection.

PP flooring manufacturer4

5)Light weight

With a density of about 0.92 g/cm³, PP is much lighter than PE and PVC, making it very convenient to transport and install.

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