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What Is CWC Flooring: A New Breakthrough in Floor Technology

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-21      Origin: Site


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Have you ever heard of CWC flooring? Do you know what its advantages are? This article will take us on a deep dive to understand this new type of flooring. You may have heard of Laminate, SPC, MgO, but you may not have heard of it - CWC. CWC is the latest waterproof laminate flooring. Due to technological upgrades and updated raw materials, its performance surpasses that of ordinary laminate and other common products on the market. Therefore, we are proud to introduce this product to the market, which is set to become a hot commodity.

When selecting flooring, what attributes are important to you? Are you interested in waterproof, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, recyclable, scratch-resistant, and easy-to-install features? You must be curious about the differences between CWC flooring and current market offerings such as SPC flooring, LVT, laminate flooring, parquet flooring, and tiles.

Firstly, CWC typically refers to "Composite Wood Core" flooring, with its base material being plywood or high-density waterproof fiberboard, and the surface being melamine paper. CWC flooring does not contain PVC or heavy metal components. As we know, environmental protection is highly valued by modern people, and many environmentalists advocate for a healthy ecological environment. Our CWC flooring not only excludes harmful components but also controls formaldehyde emissions to E1 levels.

CWC Flooring1

Secondly, due to the presence of a balance paper layer in the material layers of CWC, the base material layer is unstable when pressure is applied, leading to possible warping and deformation at the edges. To balance the weight on both sides and prevent warping and deformation of the base material and melamine layers, adjustments and combinations are made based on the weight of the melamine paper.

CWC Flooring2

CWC flooring, due to the characteristics of its raw materials, is a type of high-strength waterproof flooring. Experiments show that after soaking for 48 hours, the floor's change is less than 5%, which is three times better than ordinary laminate. Moreover, CWC flooring is highly durable and waterproof, with minimal changes even after soaking for 48 hours, showing superior performance compared to regular laminate flooring. The wear resistance of the melamine paper surface is typically AC4, reaching 4000 revolutions and can go up to AC5 with 6000 revolutions, meeting European standards. The use of standard 45g melamine paper allows for adding patterns like wood grain and stone texture, enhancing the visual appeal.

CWC flooring utilizes Unilin or Wallinger5g locking mechanisms, which are convenient, cost-effective for installation, suitable for DIY projects, and contribute to the safety and environmental friendliness of the flooring. With a thickness ranging from 8/10/12mm, CWC flooring combines the stability and durability of engineered wood with the natural beauty of solid wood, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial applications. Its outstanding waterproof and wear resistance also ensure its special functionality, and CWC will eventually gain market recognition.

If you have any questions about the flooring, feel free to contact us at any time. Whether it's LVT, SPC, or CWC, you will definitely find the most suitable flooring here. With over 20 years of export service, you can directly get goods from the factory without any obstacles, ensuring high profits and quality assurance. Our sales team will provide you with excellent service.

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