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What Are the Advantages of SPC Flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-19      Origin: Site


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In the interior decoration, the floor decoration has always been a very important part. The floor material itself has the characteristics of a high coverage and strong decoration effect, which plays a vital role in the interior decoration. Today we will introduce the SPC vinyl flooring specially.

Many people may know the more common types of floor materials such as marble flooring, tile flooring and solid wood flooring, but most of them may don’t know what is the SPC flooring. In fact, this kind of flooring was very popular in foreign markets a few years ago, but in the domestic market, it was not so popular. This is mainly because many people have poor acceptance of new things. Now green health is the theme of life, the green flooring like SPC has become more and more popular.

So what advantages does the SPC flooring have?

1. The Material is Safe.

SPC is the preparation of stone-plastic composite material. It is not like the composite wood, it is more like the composite stone. The raw material is polyester ester resin, which is the PPC material that everyone often talks about. It strengthens the performance of PC material. The internal interlayer coating is avoided in the process of mold extrusion, so that its function is more abundant, and it has a series of characteristics such as non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, 0 pollution, and material renewable, and the SPC flooring should be able to be recycled like plastic in the future, so that you can reduce the cost of home decoration.

SPC flooring

2. Good Price

Many people think that the price of green and healthy materials is expensive, this is not necessarily, although the material of SPC vinyl plank flooring can rank among the 0 pollution, and it has very excellent effect of waterproof and low temperature, the price is quite fair, it is much cheaper than solid wood flooring, but it is slightly more expensive than composite flooring, however, its natural non-polluting properties can make up for the lack, in general, SPC flooring has very good characteristics.

3. Good Anti-slip Effect

SPC flooring is suitable for most rooms, whether it is a bathroom or a balcony. When it is used as a bathroom floor material. It has the 100% waterproof effect. And the anti-slip effect is also good. The anti-slip index of the SPC flooring is not weaker than the non slip floor, because the nanofiber material on the surface will cause the slippers to have a feeling of dampness after being stained with water. This peculiar function causes the frictional force to rise after the slippers are wet. If there is an elderly person or a child at home, it can be recommended.

SPC flooring

4. Wear Resistance and Scratch Resistance

The service life of flooring often depends on its wear-resisting effect. The surface enamel of many ceramic tile floors will show signs of aging after they have been used for ten or twenty years, which directly leads to pollution in the interior of the tile and it is not easy to remove. The wooden floor is prone to be damaged, it seems to have a feeling of riddling holes over time, which greatly affects the visual sense. And it will lead to a significant reduction in the service life of the wood. SPC flooring is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Because the material itself is a stone-plastic composite, the hardness is very high. Although the thickness of the board is relatively thin, it does not affect its durability.

However, there is still a need for improvement in the SPC vinyl plank, that is the problem of the service life. Its service life is basically 15-20 years. Compared with the ordinary flooring, it is slightly shorter. Many people may doubt why can't such a good floor become a new star in the modern industry? I think that when the SPC flooring can be recycled independently and reused, then this kind of flooring will definitely be the most popular.

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