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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-13      Origin: Site


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Currently, there are more and more people who keep dog and treat it as family member. Many dog owners will pay attention to the food dogs eat and the tools dogs will bite, both of which will influence the dog’s health. However, the environment dogs live is also crucial. If the flooring contains some poisonous composition, the dog might get illness and it might be difficult for us to find out for few people paid attention to the home decoration and whether the composition is bad for dogs. What’s more, flooring that is expensive or very difficult to clean is also not that good for people who own dog because dogs walk a lot and they will shed hair. In this passage, we will briefly introduce five kinds of flooring that is suitable for family who keep dog.

dog flooring

1.Cork Flooring

Compared with real wood flooring, cork flooring is environmentally friendly, and has sound insulation and more outstanding moisture proof effect, bringing a person admirable feeling. Cork flooring is soft, quiet, comfortable, wear-resisting. But cleanness is not easy, the structure of cork floor makes it easier to save ash, and it need correct use and maintenance. The waterproof, anticorrosive performance of common cork floor is inferior to aggrandizement floor. We need to prevent ink and lipstick from dropping on the floor, otherwise it is not easy to clean.

2.Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floor’s basic material is bamboo. In processing process, using the high-grade gum that accords with national standard, the bamboo flooring can avoid the harm of the material such as formaldehyde to human body, and it has super moth-proofing function. The floor is nontoxic, firm and stable, not plastic, not out of shape. But the bamboo flooring can not contact with water for a long time or it might get damaged.

3.Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is composed by compound of 4 material commonly. Laminate flooring surface layer is wear-resisting, which is formed by uniformly distributed aluminum oxide, it can achieve very high hardness. Scraping with acuteness hard object, there can only leave very shallow mark. Compared with other kinds of wood floor Of aggrandizement floor be able to bear or endure pollution, fight corrode, fight pressure, fight impact performance to better. Because aggrandizement floor surface layer wear-resisting layer has the performance such as good wear-resisting, fight pressure, fight impact and fire retardant, fight chemical pollution, in daily use, need to use only wring dry dishcloth, mop or cleaner to undertake cleanness, if the floor appears when greasy, dirt, touch cleaner with cloth to wipe can.

The surface of the laminate floor is made of wear-resistant layer. It is made of evenly distributed aluminum oxide. It can achieve high hardness. It can be scraped with a sharp hard object such as a key, and it can only leave very shallow marks. The anti-pollution, anti-corrosion, anti-pressure and anti-impact properties of the laminate flooring are better than other types of wood flooring. Because the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the reinforced floor has good wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, fire retardant and chemical resistance, in daily use, it only needs to be cleaned with a rag, a mop or a vacuum cleaner. When the floor is greasy and smudged, wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

4.Tile Flooring

The floor tiles are fired from clay. It is hard, pressure and wear resistant, and it can prevent moisture. Some are glazed and have a decorative effect. It is mostly used as the floor of public buildings and civil buildings. But it may be to hard for dogs’ soft paw.

5.Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has four advantages. 

1)Moisture resistance: The vinyl base plate is completely waterproof. 

2)Easy to clean: Water droplets will only stay on the surface of the flooring, making it easy to clean. In addition, regular cleaning and occasional wet mopping are also ways to keep the vinyl flooring clean and bright. Even the floor get messy after the dogs play on it, it won’t be too exhausted for us to clean.

3)Durability: Most vinyl flooring has a wear resistant layer, so they can withstand normal wear. So, we don’t need to worry that dogs will scratch the flooring.

4)Comfort: Vinyl is a kind of elastic floor, which means its texture is soft. Dogs will not feel uncomfortable on such soft flooring.

All the four merits make the vinyl flooring the best flooring for dogs. So we strongly recommend the vinyl flooring for the families who keep dog.

dog flooring

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