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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-06      Origin: Site


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Flooring is one of those things sellers overlook when bogged down with the intricacies of a home sale. But let’s just be clear from the get go — flooring matters. Buyers will walk away from homes with bad flooring the same way they’ll walk away from homes that smell bad, or have little to no curb appeal.


Home remodeling projects are the perfect endeavor to increase your home’s resale value. Enjoy the fruits of your labors by making simple renovations and updates to your home.


If you want to impress potential buyers, then why not start with your floors? Although the market can be competitive for home sellers, installing the right types of flooring in your home could be the investment that makes it stand out to potential buyers.



So, which flooring options will boost your home resale value and give you the best bang for your buck? Below, we’ll explore the most sought-after flooring options by homebuyers and provide a few profitable home remodeling projects to tackle.


To make choosing the ideal flooring for your home a little easier, we’ve compiled a few of the best flooring options that are known for providing the best return on investment for homeowners. It also doesn’t hurt that these flooring options come with plenty of benefits that your family will love.




1. Solid Hardwood

Other than perhaps engineered hardwood floors, there are few flooring options that can rival the charm and timeless style of a solid hardwood floor. With their classic design and ability to be refinished repeatedly, it’s no surprise that homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home that features solid hardwood floors.

Thinking about installing hardwood before putting your home on the market? Check out our hardwood selection guide to discover the wide range of hardwood species that will boost your home’s style and charm.


2. Engineered Hardwood

Virtually indistinguishable from solid hardwood in appearance, engineered hardwood floors will give your home that “wow” factor that will ensnare homebuyers the moment they step through the door. The top layer of veneer also comes in a wide variety of wood species, so you can be sure to choose a design that works perfectly in both traditional and contemporary spaces.


3. Waterproof Flooring

Protex flooring offers waterproof hardwood flooring products that offer the timeless beauty of hardwood with the performance of vinyl flooring. Thinking about going with luxury vinyl flooring in a distressed wood look? Discover our Metroflor Engage Genesis series and find an incredible range of waterproof vinyl flooring with realistic wood visuals.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to buy a home with waterproof flooring? Low-maintenance and durable, waterproof floors are essentially a hassle-proof flooring option for the modern family.


In a word, there are plenty of flooring options that can improve the look and resale value of your home. Still can’t decide which flooring option is right for you? Let our expert team of professionals narrow down your options.

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