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Vinyl Plank: Where It Works Best

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-20      Origin: Site


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When Vinyl Plank first emerged on the flooring market, it was sold as an affordable and waterproof alternative to hardwood and tile, and it was praised as perfect for high moisture areas. Because it is completely impermeable, it performs extremely well in kitchens, bathrooms and entry-ways.



Unlike hardwood, tile and even laminate, Vinyl Plank has no pores so it does not absorb or retain any moisture. Since moisture damage is the most common threat to the lifespan of a floor, Vinyl Plank was considered a very practical and economical solution.


What is common between kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways?… Water. Whether it be in little droplets from the kitchen sink, or the bathroom shower, or little pools left in the entry way from melting snow, water inevitably ends up on the floor. Since Vinyl Plank is made of a kind of plastic (typically PVC), and therefore is completely impervious to moisture, it is very well suited to these rooms.


If you were to drop a board of Vinyl Plank into a tub of water and leave it for a week, it would come out in the exact shape it went in, unaffected. The same cannot be said about hardwood, which absorbs moisture like a sponge and warps as a result. While ceramic and stone tiles are also impervious, traditionally their grout is not. Typically ceramic and stone tiles are grouted with cement-based grout, which is porous and can leak water overtime onto the subfloor below. Within an area of Vinyl Plank however, water cannot leak between the boards because the click together system forms an air-tight seal.


In keeping with its remarkable ability to simulate tile, Vinyl Plank, (specifically Vinyl Tile), can be acquired in a glue-down, format. The nice thing about this format, aside from its extra resilience, is that it can be grouted, just like real tile! This makes its tile-like appearance exceptionally convincing. You may think—its grouted? Doesnt that make it vulnerable to moisture like ceramic and stone tile? Actually no because Vinyl Tile is grouted with acrylic grout, which is also completely impermeable. In this way, Vinyl Plank Tile offers the timeless look of tile but the impermeability of Vinyl.

What is common between basements and condos? They both have concrete sub floors. Available in both a floating floor and a glue-down format, Vinyl Plank is a very viable option for areas with concrete subfloors. Other types of flooring however, require a plywood sub floor, like hardwood which needs plywood as a nailing surface. Engineered hardwood is an exception and can be adhered down, but it is not always wise to do so: case in point, condos.


Because condos do not use a central humidification system, their humidity levels are at the mercy of the Calgary air. Not ideal. At humidity levels that are too dry, engineered hardwood tends to warp or dry cup. Vinyl Plank however, is both impermeable and comes in a floating floor or glue down format and can easily be installed over concrete subfloors. This makes it a great option for basements and condos.


All in all, Vinyl Plank is well suited to every area of the home. It has all the good attributes: it is completely waterproof, it has a hard durable surface, it is very cleanable and most importantly, it looks great! If you have any questions about vinyl plank, welcome to our website www.protexflooring.com.


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