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The Wood Flooring Upper Wall

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-11      Origin: Site


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The Wood Flooring Upper Wall

Wood flooring upper wall is more and more widely used. Many readers are also consulting in the community. What problems should we pay attention to if we want to make flooring upper wall at home? What are the advantages and disadvantages of flooring upper wall? What should we pay attention to in construction? Today I'll talk with you about this problem.

1. Why Choose Wood Flooring upper wall Design

(1) Wood soft material, logs color, give people a sense of visual harmony and warmth, to create a sense of nature at home, and wood has a rich texture and color, according to different home decoration styles to choose and match, so that the home instantly tall. Moreover, wood can absorb ultraviolet rays from sunlight, reflect infrared rays, and be healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

(2) Compared with other wall materials, wood flooring also has good sound absorption effect, especially suitable for bedrooms or downtown mansions.

Wood Flooring Upper Wall

(3) Wood is in fact a master of temperature and humidity regulation. When the ambient temperature changes, because the wood itself is a balanced moisture content, it can attract or release water, and play a role in regulating indoor temperature and humidity. Natural wood also has antimicrobial and bactericidal effects, which are also very beneficial to the body.

2. What Kind of Flooring is More Suitable for Wall

(1) Solid wood composite flooring

Solid wood composite flooring has good stability, reinforced wood flooring is more wear-resistant, can simulate a variety of natural or artificial patterns.

Wood flooring has a special appearance, can make different shapes, and also has the function of receiving, which is suitable for wall.

(2) SPC flooring

The flooring has a plastic texture and no wood at all. But it's not the same as plastic. This kind of material can be recycled, and it's a new type of environment-friendly flooring developed on the basis of high-tech. Because its main material is polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable resource, has been widely used in tableware, medical infusion bags and so on. This kind of SPC flooring can also be used as wall material. It is environmentally friendly, colorful and inexpensive. It can be said that it is a wall material with a very high performance-price ratio.

Vinyl flooring

3. Construction Procedures of Wood Flooring Upper Wall

(1) Leveling the wall: The wall on the flooring is the same as that on the flooring. First of all, the wall should be leveled to avoid the uneven phenomenon of the wall when paving, which affects the beauty.

(2) Waterproof: Paint waterproof paint on the wall pavement area to prevent the flooring from damp. The wall should be kept dry to prevent water vapor from penetrating into the flooring and causing the flooring to arch.

(3) Fixed flooring: relative to the wooden flooring on the ground, the wooden flooring on the wall, mainly how to fix the problem, in order to ensure the smooth and firm wall, you can do the base first. Make the base with keel, then fix it with staple or wood board, and fix the flooring on the wood board.

(4) Flooring edge closure: When a large area of wall is laid on the flooring, its edge closure is very important. Now it is generally used as a photo frame edge closure. It is recommended to choose a brand flooring, because the edge closure will do better. They will generally use art palette and paint to transfer out the color corresponding to the frame to brush at the joint, so as to make the effect more beautiful.

Wood Flooring Upper Wall

In the area of the room, the natural lines of solid wood will make you feel the warmth of nature. Wood flooring upper wall is the best choice for home decoration.

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