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The Most Complete Introduction To MFC Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-06      Origin: Site


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What is MFC?

Before introducing MFC deeply, i want to introduce another flooring called MGO, which was very popular around 2010 due to its fireproof, PVC free and many other advantages. But the chlorine in MGO core will cause a phenomenon known as ‘Anti-halogen’. ‘Anti-halogen’ means the MgCl2 will absorb the moisture in air and then condense into water droplets on its overlay. This phenomenon will make the flooring wet and finally make it easy to deform and mold.


MFC, full name‘Mineral Fiber Compound’, is mainly made of wood fiber and mineral substances. The reason why it is called as ‘Compound’ but not ‘Composite’ like SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) is that the former has chemical reaction but the later does not.


MFC is an upgrade of MGO, has avoid ‘Anti-halogen’ to the greatest extent through controlling and adjusting its materials ratio. When the chlorine content rate is less than 5%, this phenomenon will be not easy to happen.


The structure is very similar to laminate, containing wear paper, decor paper and balance paper, and the only difference is its core. Another point need to pay attention to is that in order to strengthen the abrasion resistance, sometimes the wear paper will become very thick, meanwhile will also make the decor paper look very fuzzy. Therefore, the production step can be optimized as spraying Al2O3 to melamine decor paper instead of integrating two overlay melamine papers.

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What's the advantages of MFC?


It can reach up to A2 fire resistance level, belongs to ‘Non-combustible’ type. Due to its fire safety, It is perfect for many public places such as hospital and school.


100% Waterproof

It has an excellent water resistance performance with less than 2% thickness expansion and less than 0.1% linear expansion., very suitable for wet place such as bathroom and kitchen.


Sound insulation

It will help reduce much noise and give you a quiet environment, which is very suitable for nursing home.


Recyclable and Degradable

The scraps during production can be used again to produce new MFC core. It is easy to degrade in the nature as well because MFC main materials are wood fiber and MGO.


Durable and long lifetime

It is wear resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant, which can reach up to AC5 abrasion level, has about 20 years lifetime based on residential or light commercial usage.


Energy Storage

It has a very stable structure, can withstand high temperature without deformation. It can store energy and release slowly when heat pass the flooring, this can make your home warm when in cold weather.



The MFC core is mainly made of inorganic matters, thus can prevent the flooring from breeding bacteria effectively, friendly for kids and pets.

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