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The 3 Most Recommended Exhibitions to The Clients Dealing with Flooring Business

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To friends who are dealing with flooring business, whether they are Chinese flooring suppliers, or flooring importers and distributors in different countries or areas, there are 3 flooring exhibitions that we cannot miss. These exhibitions can help us understand better the market trend. It is not only the floor market, but also the trend of floor covering materials all over the world.


DOMOTEX ASIA/CHINAFLOOR China is a flooring exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, covering all flooring industries, like floors, carpets to elastic floors, floors, tiles, stones and etc.

DOMOTEX ASIA is usually held in March at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. As an important flooring event in the Asia-Pacific region, DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR focuses on dealers, building contractors, designers, traders, and global buyers across the industry chain.

As an exhibition held in China, it will be much easier to find the suitable Chinese flooring suppliers for OEM/ODM. We can even make an appointment with the supplier directly and visit them after the exhibition. Then, we can understand more about suppliers.

2. DOMOTEX Hannover in Germany

DOMOTEX is an exhibition covering the rugs and floor covering industry, and enjoys a high brand awareness both domestically and internationally.

Usually held in January each year at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany.

2/3 of the visitors of DOMOTEX HANNOVER are from outside Germany, and more than half of the visitors are from non-EU countries. In 2020, the number of visitors from the United Kingdom, India, Turkey, the Netherlands and the United States is far ahead, which shows the global influence of DOMOTEX. The number of new and old visitors at DOMOTEX was almost the same.

For Chinese suppliers, the DOMOTEX HANNOVER is the must way to enter the European market. Many well-known European flooring brands also participate every year.

For European buyers, it is easy to understand the trends of the entire European market.

For North American buyers, they can meet the European flooring suppliers and even Chinese suppliers through this exhibition.


Comprised of three world-class tradeshows: SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac, and TileExpo events, The International Surface Event (TISE) is the largest North American floor covering, stone, and tile industry event and is THE premier, global reaching industry marketplace for buyers, specifiers, and influencers to purchase products, gain design and trend inspiration, and develop their business strategies.

Usually held at the end of January every year at Mandalay Bay Convention Center

TISE is also the key point to enter the North American market. Similarly, by participating in the American exhibition, we can learn the trends of flooring industry, new products, and pop colors in the North American market.

Protex Flooring will participate DOMOTEX ASIA and DOMOTEX HANNOVER 2023. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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