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Should I Get Laminate or Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl and laminate flooring are two popular options for home remodeling projects. Choosing between the two isn’t always easy though. While vinyl and laminate might look alike in some circumstances, they have their pros and cons. Use the following tips to choose the one that’s right for your home needs.


Although not as sturdy as hardwood over time, vinyl flooring does stand up to heavy foot traffic. With thin vinyl flooring, you may eventually notice some bending, tearing or indentations, especially under heavy furniture. Luxury vinyl tends to be sturdier and lasts longer, but it’s more expensive.

Laminate flooring is extremely durable, but can fade over time. It’s best to keep both laminate and vinyl shaded with blinds or an area rug. Laminate flooring is the most durable option compared to vinyl or even hardwood. It’s best for homes with lots of foot traffic, with children or pets.

Water Resistance

Vinyl is the best choice for water prone areas like basements and bathrooms. It’s made with completely water-resistant materials and has no cracks when installed. You can purchase a laminate option that is moisture resistant, but since all laminate is made with a fiberboard core, it has the potential to hold water and swell. This can cause multiple issues like mold and separating of the laminate.

Installation and Maintenance

If you’re looking to install yourself, laminate is the easiest option. In fact, the easy installation of laminate is what made it so popular with homeowners. The easy click and lock system with a smooth, hardwood-like finish gives laminate it’s edge above vinyl. You can install some luxury vinyl by yourself, but it’s best to contact a professional for vinyl installation according to The Spruce.

Environmental Impact

Since laminate is made of 90 percent wood products, it is the better option over vinyl, which contains more plastic. Laminate does have a plastic surface layer, though. Even with recycled materials, neither option is particularly environmentally friendly.

If you really want an environmentally friendly flooring option, consider linoleum or natural wood, suggests the Spruce.

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