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SPC flooring, bring green nature home

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The first thing to think after the new house is how to decoration, how to use the smallest output to obtain the highest cost-effective ratio, how to find the most in line with their own style decoration mode in the shortest time, even the geometry of the materials used in the decoration is a matter of great concern to people. In these questions, the floor material choice is an important aspect, it involves living basic environmental issues in the future, such as environmental protection and safety.

So, Is there a kind of flooring, can wear-resisting, waterproof, skid-proof, fireproof and can formaldehyde-free at the same time?

At Protex flooring, you can find SPC flooring that actually do Formaldehyde-free.

SPC floor not only retains the advantage of laminate flooring, but also solves the formaldehyde problem thoroughly. SPC flooring is mainly composed of a certain proportion of stone powder and polyvinyl chloride to form a composite flooring material. The design of self-leveling is adopted in the paving, and 0 Formaldehyde is used from the product to the paving. It can be used in a wide range of public places, such as Home, office building, hotel, shop, chain store, Nursing Home, Exhibition Hall, Gym, etc. , is currently the Is currently the most popular floor on the decoration market.

The surface of SPC floor has different wear resistance according to the thickness of its wear layer. Compared with the soft LVT flooring, the wear-resistant and impact-resistant properties are stronger. And it's 100% waterproof. The fire-proof index of SPC floor can reach B1 level, and SPC flooring itself does not burn and is not easy to deform at high temperature.

In the colder areas of winter, this floor has excellent heat conductivity and thermal stability, making it ideal for floor heating, and in principle does not require damp pads, nor does it require adhesives for locking floors, practical performance and cost-effective are very suitable for installation.

In addition to environmental protection and the characteristics of the floor itself, size stability is not easy to deformation, UV process and simple installation is Protex flooring SPC floor highlights.

To make the most professional and high quality SPC floor is always the goal of Protex flooring. We always believe that concentration makes a professional.

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