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SPC VS LVT: Which One is More Cost-effective?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-26      Origin: Site


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How to Choose?

Whether you have confusion about buying SPC flooring or LVT flooring. Today we provide you with a detailed comparative analysis. SPC flooring is generally more water-resistant and stronger; while LVT flooring focuses more on comfort and shock absorption. We can provide you with professional advice based on your needs and site conditions to help you make the choice that best meets your practical needs.

Comparison from Different Aspects:

Durability and Abrasion Resistance

SPC flooring generally has higher density and hardness due to its stone-plastic composite material, so it performs well in terms of pressure resistance, scratch resistance and waterproofing. This makes SPC flooring more durable in commercial or residential use. In contrast, although LVT flooring also has a certain degree of wear resistance, it is relatively more susceptible to scratches and wear.

Installation and Maintenance

In terms of installation, LVT flooring is relatively lightweight, making it suitable for DIY installation. The installation process of SPC flooring may require more professional skills and manpower to complete the installation. As far as maintenance is concerned, SPC floors are easier to clean due to their hardness and water-repellent properties, while LVT floors may be more prone to dirt accumulation.

Appearance Design and Comfort

LVT flooring can usually present more diverse wood grain, stone grain and other designs through digital printing technology, while the softer surface layer makes walking on it more comfortable. In comparison, although SPC flooring also offers a variety of designs, it is slightly lacking in softness. Therefore, if you pay more attention to the appearance design and foot comfort of the floor, LVT flooring will be a better choice

Price Comparison

In terms of price, SPC flooring is relatively stable in price, while LVT flooring may have a wider price range due to its lighter installation method and wider appearance design. Therefore, if the budget is limited, SPC flooring may be more economical.


Generally speaking, SPC flooring has advantages in durability and ease of cleaning, and is more suitable for commercial environments or places that require higher floor hardness; while LVT flooring is superior in appearance design and comfort, and is suitable for home and residential environments. The final choice should be based on specific needs, budget, and personal preferences.

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