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Recap of 2023 DOMOTEX Asia: Perfect Closure and Anticipation for the Next Encounter with Protex Flooring!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-21      Origin: Site


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On July 28, 2023, the annual Asian event of the flooring industry, DOMOTEX asia (also known as Shanghai Flooring Exhibition), concluded successfully at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

Led by Mr. Hsu, the Protex Flooring team actively participated in this grand event, bringing fresh products, innovative models, and new platforms to the industry.

During this Shanghai Flooring Exhibition, Protex Flooring showcased their presence at booth 8.2A18. The booth design was both minimalist and distinctive, with a keen focus on details that cleverly integrated the characteristics of flooring with the brand's philosophy. Through meticulously crafted ambiance, visitors' profound perception of Protex Flooring was truly awakened.

The Protex Flooring booth offered a diverse range of offerings, providing an all-encompassing solution that garnered praise from industry insiders and attracted numerous visitors. The service area bustled with activity, as staff engaged in active communication with customers, attentively listening to their opinions and suggestions, addressing queries, and promptly providing feedback.

"As they say, face-to-face communication is the best way to connect."

Being a renowned brand in the construction materials industry, Protex Flooring garnered significant attention from industry media on the exhibition day. Mr. Xu meticulously explained product highlights, craftsmanship ethos, and future developmental directions, comprehensively showcasing Protex Flooring's prowess and establishing a strong reputation within the industry.

For a long time, Protex Flooring has adhered to the brand concept of "Professional Crafting Perfection," with a relentless commitment to environmental sustainability and health. The unveiling of new products at the DOMOTEX exhibition was a testament to this dedication. Looking ahead, Protex Flooring will continue to deepen research and development, emphasize quality, and dedicate efforts to delivering even higher-quality products to the global market.

In conclusion, the 2023 DOMOTEX Asia concluded with great success, showcasing Protex Flooring's influence and leadership in the flooring industry. The captivating display and enthusiastic service underscored Protex Flooring's professionalism and innovation. Let us eagerly await the next encounter, where we will once again meet with Protex Flooring and embark on a new chapter of exhibition brilliance!

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