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Prospects for LVT Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-02      Origin: Site


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The Development Trend Of LVT

In 2016, the sales volume of LVT and its sub categories accounted for 42.3% of the housing quantity and 67.6% of the housing revenue. In 2016, total sales of resilient flooring increased by 19.7% from $2,924 million in 2015 to $3.499 billion, a growth rate that is almost four times that of the industry. In addition, sales of flexible flooring accounted for 16.5% of the total sales of the entire flooring industry, which is the highest among all hard flooring. Sales of flexible flooring in 2017 continued to grow, especially today's waterproof flooring are increasingly popular with consumers.

Industry experts also said that WPC and SPC will achieve rapid growth, while other categories of flooring will continue to lose the overall market share. In particular, the laminate flooring, due to the inability to solve the water and noise problems well, with the emergence of WPC, SPC products, will be more impact.

Continuous Development

In the environment of all kind of good news, experts predict that the growth of LVT will continue until 2019. WPC, SPC will have greater market prospects. It is expected that these two types of flooring will continue to develop positively in the next two years.


Problems With LVT

The preparation of the bottom layer of the floor is very important for the successful installation of various floors, but more prominent for LVT. The primary requirement for the bottom layer of the floor is flatness. One of the characteristics of LVT is that it conforms to its underlying surface very clearly, so any unevenness and undulation on the bottom layer will appear on the surface of the LVT, and it will be distorted, resulting in various defects, this problem is more pronounced for products with larger area and lighter color.

Another problem is the moisture in the bottom layer. All concrete contains moisture, which can adversely affect vinyl materials. The bottom layer must also be clean and free from all kinds of foreign objects. LVT is particularly sensitive to chemical waste. LVTs with various clicking techniques are more likely to be edge-lifted, so the stability of their flatness is very high. Bonding the floorboard to the bottom layer seems to help keep it straight, but if the product itself is not stable enough, it will be a problem sooner or later.

Moisture and alkaline substances have an adverse effect on the plasticizer in the vinyl. Internal stresses in the LVT also cause instability in their size and shape. Another important factor is the environment in which the floor is located. Thermal expansion and contraction can lead to instability of the LVT. The addition of a soft sound-insulating pad under the floor is also detrimental to the stability of the LVT, ideally a "sleeper-type" soundproof system. It is also a problem that the wear-resistant layer is too thin to cause abnormal wear.


Traditional LVT Prospects

There have been many different opinions on traditional LVT floors. Some people worry that WPC and SPC will gobbling up the traditional LVT market, especially for high-end LVT flooring, market data shows that multi-layer composite flooring is slowly occupying the market share of LVT click floor. With the enhancement of technology, practical design and comprehensive performance, multi-layer composite flooring has become an obvious competitor of LVT flooring.

In recent years, LVT (luxuryvinyltile) technology has made remarkable progress, and it is selling well in the flooring market. Its market share has grown rapidly and it has become a powerful competitor in the traditional flooring industry. Therefore, its development trend is also worthy of attention and research by the floor industry. 

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