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PVC Flooring/CWC/MFB/MFC/PP What New Kinds of Flooring Do You Know?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-04      Origin: Site


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With the development of people’s requirement for flooring, more and more new kinds of flooring start to appear in public eyes, such as PVC flooring, CWC, MFB, MFC, PP and so on. This time i will introduce some new types of them in detail.

PVC Flooring

PVC flooring, including LVT, WPC and SPC, is mainly made of PVC resin and stone powder. There are also many other derived types such as LSPC, SLVT and ESPC.

CWC Flooring

CWC, full name ‘Carbon Wood Composite’, an upgraded style of laminate, has greatly strengthen its water resistance. It is mainly made of wood fiber and other plant fiber.

MFB Flooring

MFB is one type of MGO flooring. It has a very outstanding water resistance compared with many other laminate.

MFC Flooring

MFC is another type of MGO flooring, mainly made of MgCl2 and wood fiber. Due to its mineral core, it has a high fire resistant performance, can reach up to A2fl-S1 level.

PP Flooring 

PP is a very novel type of plastic flooring. The core is comprised by PP materials, which can make the flooring become recyclable, degradable and Eco-friendly.

wholesale flooring1

What's the difference among them?

There are many similar and different points among them, and i will compare them from below angles.

wholesale flooring2

What are their suitable usage scenarios?

According to the above sheet, we can clearly find out each flooring different characteristics. Based on different features, they have various usage scenarios.

1) CWC structure is very similar to MFB and MFC, thus they all have a very good wear resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance. These flooring are very suitable for heavy commercial areas such as commercial plaza and school.

2) PVC flooring, PP flooring, MFB and MFC consist of less or even no wood fiber, so they have a better water resistance than CWC. These flooring are very suitable for bathroom and kitchen at home. Southeast Asia countries prefer to these because their weather is always hot and wet.

3) PP flooring’s whole structure is made of PP materials, which makes it can recycle during production and degrade in the nature without toxic. So this flooring is suitable for those customers who care much about environment protection and for some European countries that have plastics limit.

4) MFB contains copper and MFC contains mineral substances, these make them gain an outstanding heat resistance. MFC can storage heat and release slowly as well, so that it is very suitable for the home with floor heating. These flooring are very suitable for those countries in cold weather such as Russia and Norway.

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