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Office Floor Recommended By Experts

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-13      Origin: Site


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In many office renovations, the decoration of these three sides is often not to be overlooked, namely the ceiling, the wall and the ground. Today, we talk about mainly is the floor decoration in the office. For a long time, most of the floor decoration is mainly made of marble tiles. In recent years, some floor materials have been well popular. Different styles of flooring can create different decoration effects. However, with the advancement of technology, there are more and more types and styles of floor materials. What kind of floor should we use when we are decorating the studio floor?

choose the floor according to the overall office decoration style:

When the office is renovated, the style of the office space will be planned first. Therefore, we must select the floor that is common to the space style before the decoration. We should pay special attention to whether the color and texture of the floor are the same as the style of the office to prevent great differences.

PVC flooring

PVC flooring was highly praised by various experts in the 5th National Flooring and Accessories Production and Application Technology Exchange Conference, they said that PVC flooring is the best choice for office decoration and renovation. So what is the advantage of PVC flooring?

1. Absorb Noise

The environment has a great impact on people's emotions. If you work in a noise-filled environment, your brain will feel tired and inexplicably irritated, which will affect the progress of your work. Therefore, when you decorate the office area, you can choose the resilient floor with strong noise reduction ability, its sound absorption value reaches 28 decibels, which is equivalent to a carpet in the room

2. Environmental Performance of PVC Floor

Compared with fabric flooring materials, PVC flooring is cleaner and easier to clean, when drinking tea and pouring water, it is inevitable that when tea and coffee are sprinkled on the ground, because there are many people in the office. The environmental function of PVC flooring will be reflected that the surface of the floor is tightly lined, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it is easier to clean, which effectively improve indoor cleanliness and create a good indoor working environment.

3. More Durable

PVC flooring has a longer service life and does not have many problems like other wooden floors. Stable floor decoration materials can build a comfortable and comfortable office area.

PVC flooring

4. Stable Performance

Everyone should have seen such a situation. When the wooden floor is laid for a long time, it will be curled, which affect the appearance. After the upgrade of the PVC floor, the structure is different from the original product, and the fiber in the floor moves down, which balance the deformation force of the upper and lower much better and make it undeformed.

5. Light Weight

PVC flooring reduces its weight, and some products also develop elastic flooring combined with self-adhesive systems, with less weight and damage to the product during transportation.


Therefore, PVC flooring is a good choice for the decoration and renovation of the office area.

Since 1998, PROTEX is the high class professional PVC flooring producer from China with extensive manufacturing and export expertise.

We are unique since we have our own resin plant, print film plant, SPC flooring plant and also a WPC flooring plant.

Our main products are:

spc laminate flooring

wpc tile flooring

wpc and spc flooring

wpc waterproof

lvt bathroom flooring

lvt on stairs
hpl flooring

If you are interested in any flooring products, please feel free to contact us !

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