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New Flooring! Waterproof And Low Price!

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Some readers asked what floor is used in the kitchen? Not afraid of lampblack? Laying the floor in the kitchen is quite common in the home. Some people use a new type of PVC floor, not only in the kitchen, but also in such a wet area as the bathroom. The most famous of these types of flooring are: LVT flooring, SPC flooring, WPC flooring, and then we will introduce them to you.

Why haven't you heard about these 3 kinds of floors?    

The new floorings of LVT, SPC and WPC have long existed in many of our work and life. We may often step on them, but we don't know. The reporter made a simple survey of the readers who are about to be decorated, saying that they have never heard of any of the three new types of flooring, accounting for 80%. For ordinary consumers, they usually decorate their houses once every ten years. If they don't want to decorate their houses, who has time to care about the floor? These three new types of flooring are precisely developed in the past ten years, not to mention the ordinary decoration owners, even many decoration practitioners, have not heard of it, or can not understand the difference between the three .

eco friendly floor

Designers and construction workers have always been cautious about the selection of new materials. If they introduced and recommended a very unfamiliar environmentally friendly floor to the owners. They not only may be questioned, but also suspected of selling kickbacks, and the results of using this kind of floor, the designers and the construction workers also not sure. Anyway, there are many floor materials. No reson bother to introduce and recommend to the owners? In the past few years, manufacturers of LVT, SPC, and WPC flooring also did not vigorously promote their products to ordinary consumers. Because these factories have many orders and engineering orders abroad, they are not worried about product sales.

There are many factories in China that are mainly receiving foreign orders and engineering orders. In the past 2 or 3 years, many foreign brands'OEM factories have been affected by the unstable factors such as the US toxic floor incident, the Sino-US trade war, and the localization of procurement in Europe and American. Gradually pay attention to the commercial and retail market. However, the current promotion focus is still focused on the two aspects of “zero formaldehyde and waterproof”. Compared with the marketing level of traditional flooring companies, the new flooring manufacturers are obviously inferior.

The Chinese factory actually has enough LVT, SPC, WPC flooring technology and production capacity. It is necessary to know that the quality requirements of imported flooring in Europe and America are very high. Once the quality problem is detected, the amount of the claim is very amazing. If you use the same quality standards and use new materials instead of recycled materials to produce domestic products, then LVT, SPC, WPC flooring is completely safe. Solid wood flooring, some people call it "aristocratic floor", not only expensive, the installation is not arbitrarily, and the maintenance in the future is also time-consuming and expensive, so many families choose PVC flooring.

eco friendly floor

LVT, SPC, WPC, who will be the most popular

In recent years, the LVT, SPC, and WPC flooring industries have developed rapidly. From the customs export data and the domestic sales data of these three types of flooring, they all prove the future trend of new flooring, but it is hard to say who will stand out and be most favored by domestic consumers.

The PVC flooring industry once made a vote. Many people voted for the SPC flooring because its production process is the most simple and convenient, and it is also most suitable for ordinary families and small and medium-sized business places. The more people use it, the more likely it is to be favored. Unless the industry is suddenly rotted, a large number of manufacturers cut corners and shoddy, repeating the mistakes of the laminate flooring industry of that year.


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