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Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile (LVP/LVT)——The Best Option for Basement

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And speaking of luxury vinyl plank (LVP), it’s absolutely a contender for the best flooring for basements.

LVP is supremely versatile and only costs between $2 and $6/sq. ft., on average. You can put vinyl plank flooring on stairs, use it for mudroom flooring, put it in a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, and of course, put it in your basement!

This high-end and multilayered PVC flooring option is entirely synthetic, completely waterproof, and can be made to look like anything: you can find LVP that mimics wood, stone, tile, and more.

There are also many types of luxury vinyl. For one, you can get it in a tile format (luxury vinyl tile or LVT). But there are also options that offer enhanced durability, a springier feel underfoot (like WPC flooring), or even floors that can be changed on a whim (like loose-lay vinyl plank flooring).

Pros of Luxury Vinyl Basement Flooring

The best vinyl plank flooring brands make incredible products that last for decades.

Luxury vinyl could be considered the best flooring for basements solely because it won’t spontaneously combust from moisture. But it’s also dent and scratch-resistant flooring, and generally comfortable to walk over (which is why it’s some of the best flooring for dogs and kids).

So: it works just as well in workshop-y basements as it does for entertainment spaces.

But best of all, luxury vinyl is an unparalleled choice if you want to mimic the look and feel of wood floor designs in your basement without worrying about moisture tearing it apart like it would real wood.

Cons of Luxury Vinyl Basement Flooring

Despite the flurry of pros, there are problems with luxury vinyl tile and disadvantages for vinyl plank flooring. It’s not the most eco-friendly flooring in the world (though there are some low-VOC vinyl flooring options out there).

Moreover, whereas the cost to install vinyl plank flooring is usually a perk, it’s double the cost of simply sprucing up your concrete subflooring.

That said, if you don’t mind these flaws, LVP is a great all-around basement flooring idea.

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