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Live with Nature: A Sneak Peek at Protex’s Highlights for Domotex asia

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-23      Origin: Site


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Domotex Aisa is coming. In order to practice the concept of green environmental protection, Protex uses "Eco Tech Trends -- Floor with Nature" as the theme to show the world their concern for ecological green and promise. Let’s walk into Protex’s booth and feel the charm of green ecology.

About Protex's Exhibition Theme

Protex flooring supplier1Protex is well aware of the urgent need for green environmental protection in today's society, and hopes to convey their love for nature and responsibility for the environment through the exhibition platform.

Therefore, Protex takes "Eco Tech Trends -- Floor with Nature" as its theme, integrating nature and technology to present the future trend of green ecology.

Notice! New products CWC, MFC and PP flooring will be launched soon!

Aligned with the theme “Eco Tech Trends – Floor with Nature,”Protex has launched three new products: CWC flooring, MFC flooring and PP flooring to meet consumers' needs for environmental protection and nature, and lead the green ecological trend in the flooring industry. Let’s delve into these three PVC-free flooring options!

Highlight 1----CWC Flooring

CWC flooring is a new masterpiece of Protex, using the latest environmentally friendly technology and materials, aiming to create a natural and healthy home environment for users.

Protex flooring supplier2

Low Thickness Swelling: Unique design and structure control the thickness swelling, significantly lower than regular laminate flooring which has a swelling rate of less than 16%.

High Wear Resistance: Achieves a wear resistance level of up to 6,000 revolutions, meeting the AC5/33 standard according to EN13329.

Scratch and Impact Resistance: Offers excellent scratch and impact resistance, making it durable for various usage requirements.

Formaldehyde Emission: Complies with green environmental protection standards, with formaldehyde emissions controlled meet Carb PⅡ.

Longer and Wider Dimensions: Offers longer and wider dimensions, catering to various design aesthetics while minimizing material wastage.

Highlight 2----MFC flooring

MFC flooring is a newly upgraded plastic- free product. It does not require glue or PVC as an adhesive. The minerals in the base material will produce interesting chemical phenomena after being treated with a special process and solidify themselves, thus turning into a rigid board.

Protex flooring supplier4

Anti-Halogen Technology: Minimizes the absorption of moisture and prevents condensation, reducing deformation and mold.

Fireproof: Achieves A2fl-S1 level, classified as non-combustible.

Degradable: Can degrade slowly in nature due to its mineral and wood fiber content.

Anti-Bacterial Performance: Superior anti-bacterial properties due to its inorganic main materials.

Highlight 3---- PP flooring

As an important part of the Protex green ecological series, PP flooring has attracted much attention for its environmentally friendly and sustainable characteristics. Protex Company adheres to the reverence for nature and shows users its commitment to environmental friendliness through PP flooring. At the same time, it integrates the beauty of nature into product design, becoming a highlight at the exhibition.

Protex flooring supplier3

Recyclable:Leftover PP materials from production can be recycled and used again to produce new PP products.

Outstanding durability: PP flooring is 100% waterproof, heat-insulating, stable, and resistant to moisture.

Degradable: Useless PP materials can be degraded in nature without releasing toxic substances.

Eco-friendly: No toxic or harmful substances are released during production, catering to the public's concept of environmental protection.

Light weight:

With a density of about 1.5-1.6 g/cm³, PP is much lighter than PE and PVC, making it very convenient to transport and install.

Through the theme of "Eco Tech Trends -- Floor with Nature" and the launch of new products, Protex not only demonstrated its innovative strength at the Domotex Shanghai exhibition, but also conveyed its firm commitment to green ecology to global audiences. It is expected that Protex will continue to lead the trend of green ecology in the future and bring more green and environmentally friendly products and concepts to users.

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