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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-20      Origin: Site


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All tiles and planks should be checked before and during installation for clearly visible faults; this will reduce problems when assembling and identify any color differences. The inspection should be performed in daylight, or under good artificial lighting, in the room in which the products are to be installed. If the flooring is not acceptable, contact your supplier Installation Instructions - i4F These installation instructions are for the I4F locking system only. Attention! Read Before Installing!

FOR BEST VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF YOUR FLOOR This flooring replicates the look of a natural product which has natural variations in color and texture. For best visual effect, shuffle planks from several cartons and do not install similar boards next to one another.

SUBFLOOR PREPARATION Subfloor should be dry and level to 3/16” per 10 ft. radius for best installation results. Vinyl flooring should only be used indoors. 2 immediately and arrange for a replacement. The manufacturer cannot accept responsibility for flooring installed with visible defects. Before installation of any flooring, the installer must ensure that the job site and sub-floor meet the requirements of these instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for flooring failure resulting from unsatisfactory job-site and/or subfloor conditions. Flooring should be one of the last items installed in any new construction or remodel project. Crawl spaces must be a minimum of 18” (46 cm) from the ground to the underside of the joists. A ground cover of 6–20 mil black polyethylene film is essential as a vapor barrier with joints lapped 6” (15 cm) and sealed with moisture resistant tape. The crawl space should have perimeter venting equal to a minimum of 1.5% of the crawl space square footage. These vents should be properly located to foster cross ventilation. Local regulations prevail where necessary. Room temperature and humidity of the installation area should be consistent with normal, year-round living conditions for at least one week before the installation of flooring. Maintaining an optimum room temperature of 70° F and a humidity range of 30-50% is recommended. Most installations will need approximately a 10% cutting and waste allowance added to the square footage of the room. Proper conditioning of the job site is necessary. Flooring planks should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Store, transport, and handle the flooring planks in a manner to prevent any distortions. Distortions will not disappear over time. Store cartons flat, never on edge. Ensure that the flooring planks are lying flat at the time of installation. Installations of carpet, tiles, metal strips, and other transition moldings should not push fully into the flooring and should allow for some slight movement wherever practical. For rooms, wider or longer than 50’, the use of T-moldings is required to account for the normal movement or seasonal expansion/contraction of the floor. If the homeowner does experience gapping then we would suggest the contractor tap the planks back together since they may come apart for longer run lengths. Protect the floor from heavy-rolling loads, other trades, and movement of appliances by using sheets of plywood or similar.

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