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Is there anywhere I shouldn't install vinyl floors?

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles can be installed anywhere inside your home or commercial space. However, the water-resistant panels are not suitable for use in damp spaces like pool areas, saunas and rooms with build-in drains like showers.

As for rooms with very high temperatures: tests have shown that Quick-Step vinyl offers the best dimensional stability on the market. Vinyl has been designed for indoor heated (> 5°C) (41°F) installations, preferably at normal room temperature.

Vinyl cannot be installed in solariums, seasonal porches, camping trailers, boats or any other unheated application. If the temperature of your floor is expected to raise up to or above 45°C (113°F) due to direct sunlight, it is mandatory to use the Heat underlay or to install without underlay on a levelled subfloor.

For other critical situations with high local temperatures it is recommended to use Vinyl glue down.

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