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Is SPC floor suitable for home improvement?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-06      Origin: Site


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1. Waterproof performance

We can see from the material of the spc floor that it is a waterproof and moisture-proof floor, and the whole body is waterproof, so moisture and water immersion have no effect on it.

2. Suitable for use on water floor heating

The floor suitable for floor heating needs to have good thermal conductivity, and the floor can withstand long-term high temperature without warping.

The thickness of Spc floor is much thinner than that of wood floor, and the thermal conductivity of calcium carbonate is relatively strong, which can make the floor conduct heat evenly. The small blue whale stone crystal floor has a shrinkage rate of less than 0.02% under a high temperature of 80 degrees for 6 hours. It can be seen that the spc floor can withstand the high temperature of water and floor heating.

3. Spc floor anti-insect ants

Due to the material problem, wooden floors are afraid of insects and ants, and the material of spc floor determines that it is not afraid of insects and ants, which is one of the reasons why many families in the United States choose spc floors.

4. Good stain resistance

The Spc floor is very convenient to clean, and the small blue whale crystal floor 5s pleasant surface treatment technology has good stain resistance, and daily stains such as oil stains can be wiped clean.

5. Strong wear resistance

The wear resistance of the floor is not strong, and it is easy to form potholes on the floor surface, affecting the service life of the floor. The wear-resistant revolutions of the small blue whale crystal floor are as high as 25,000 revolutions, which can improve the wear resistance of the floor and prolong the use time.

6. Good anti-skid performance

Tiles are laid at home. Once water stains are encountered, the ground will be slippery, and it is very inconvenient to walk carefully. The small blue whale stone floor is R10 non-slip, and it becomes astringent when exposed to water, so that you don't have to worry about slipping at home.

7. Good environmental performance

Now we are talking about the discoloration of formaldehyde, but as long as glue is used, there will be formaldehyde, which cannot be avoided. The spc floor is extruded. The small blue whale stone crystal floor adopts the UNILIN patent lock, and no glue is required from production to installation. , to ensure that the spc floor is formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly.

8. Renovation and decoration, convenient for paving

Tiles have been laid at home, refurbishment, do not want to remove the original tiles, as long as the original ground is still very smooth, then the spc floor can be directly paved on it.

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