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Is Rigid Core SPC Flooring safe?

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Rigid Core SPC Flooring is an upgrade of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), it's special designed with Click-Locking joint system, easy installation, water-proof, the basic material is Stone-Plastic composite, it's formaldehyde free, completely safe flooring covering materials for both residential and public environment.

Compared with Most of the composite wood floors we have laid in the past are made of MDF substrate + glue. The spc floor is made of calcium powder + polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, and then the pvc wear layer and the PVC color film are heated and pressed at one time through the mold.

Those who have a certain understanding of the production process of composite wood flooring should know that it is inseparable from glue, but the whole process of spc flooring does not add glue (the glue will release formaldehyde at high temperatures), so it is environmentally friendly and truly 0 formaldehyde Let it quickly stand out from many wood flooring materials, and it is loved and used by more and more owners.

The surface of the spc floor is treated with a special process. There are no pores and water can not penetrate. It is no problem to spread it in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that often deal with water. It will not be deformed and blistered when soaked, or moldy due to high humidity.

Moreover, the spc floor has a variety of colors, whether it is wood grain, marble grain or carpet grain, it can meet the requirements of the owners, so the spc floor has become more and more popular!

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