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Is Hybrid Flooring Good For Dogs?

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Pets become members of our families and homes so quickly - and it’s easy to see why. They provide so much companionship, unconditional love and fun. What’s not fun is the damage that our beautiful little friends can cause flooding in the home. There are steps we can take to prevent damage as well as being informed of which products are more suitable for pet households. Here we will discuss the specifics of each material and some handy tips to help keep that flooring looking newer for longer. There is certainly a lot to weigh up with flooring choices– particularly when pets are involved.

Hybrid Flooring:

Hybrid flooring uses the latest technology to combine all the benefits of vinyl and laminate materials. The 100% waterproof quality of hybrid flooring and ease of maintenance is the perfect flooring for you and your furry friends. Worry less about scratches as hybrid flooring offers superior durability and a lifetime warranty!

Hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring is durable and cost-effective, making it a good choice of material for homeowners with pets. A range of different options, from commercial grade vinyl to antimicrobial vinyl, are available. This gives you more options when choosing the best flooring for your dog(s).



· Cost-effective

· Waterproof vinyl and/or water resistant vinyl are easy to clean

· Mark resistant vinyl and Lifeproof vinyl flooring can stand up to larger, active pets

· Scratch resistant vinyl and stain resistant vinyl options are also available

· Comfortable and quiet underfoot

· Skid resistant vinyl is excellent for older pets

· Available in many different looks including vinyl plank flooring designs that mimic natural stone and wood

· Cool and comfortable for dogs 

· Works with radiant heating systems


Hybrid flooring


· The best overall fit for humans and dogs

· Most budget-friendly flooring option

· Easy to maintain, durable and reliable

· Stylish options help boost resale value

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