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How to select the right supplier when purchasing flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-08      Origin: Site


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As we know, flooring is an indispensable part of any house. Because it bears the brunt of your footsteps on a daily basis, it is important to install flooring that is durable and of good quality. To ensure that you choose the right flooring for your house or your customers, make sure that you only buy from a reputed supplier. There are several flooring suppliers in the world and I understand that it is not easy to choose the best one. However, if you cannot compromise on quality, you must invest a lot of time in finding the right flooring supplier. You can use the following useful tips to determine the reliability of a flooring supplier.

There are many factors that we need to consider when buying flooring. For example price, quality, type, timeliness and professional of service from the supplier , after-sales  service and so on. Now let's talk about them one by one.

Price and quality—Price may be one of your primary criteria for selecting a supplier. But if you need good quality, you need to pick a better quality product at a similar price, so that you can get a better deal, either for your own use or for sale. We should keep in mind whether it is the pursuit of low prices without regard to quality or the neglect of price because of the focus on quality, these are not desirable.

Many customers feel that the price is too expensive once the supplier has given them a quote and then go straight to looking for another supplier. This is not a wise move. While considering the price, we must first think whether the quality of this product is worth the price. If you want to choose the competitive one, you can compare the quality of some products with similar prices, then make a decision about which one is more suitable for you.

Know the type of flooring you need - Knowing the type of flooring you need beforehand can prove beneficial. There are several types of PVC flooring, such as SPC, MSPC, WPC,LVT (Dry back, self-adhesive, click and loose lay) that we offer.

When you have identified the type of flooring you need, you will not have to consult a supplier who does not offer the type of flooring you need. The demand for flooring varies from region to region, and the choice of decors and specification will also vary. So find out in advance what the local market's flooring type preferences are, and then ask the supplier to see if they can provide it based on local preferences.

Free samples could be provided—It's always a great idea to ask for samples. This way you can actually touch the timber before you commit to it. When you're working with natural products, it is important to understand that there may be some variation in the sample and the final product you receive. But that's why it's important to also understand where the product is sourced from. If it is single-origin, there's more chance of the final product being more similar to your sample.

Besides, working with a supplier with experience always gives you piece of mind, so don't feel uncomfortable asking to see examples of previous work. Not only will this give you inspiration as to how your flooring might look in your home, but it will also show you their experience, workmanship and quality. PROTEX Flooring can provide free samples to our friends and customers, so if you want to see physical products of PROTEX , welcome to contact us.

Timeliness and professional of the service from supplier—For customers, they always want to be the first to get feedback and a solution when they have a problem. This is where your supplier needs to provide their services in a timely manner to help you solve some of your customers' problems. More the years into the flooring business, the more will be their experience. An experienced supplier has good knowledge of different types of flooring and thus can guide you in a better way after considering your requirements.

The ability to solve problems quickly is also a reflection of the supplier's professionalism, and their past experience and ability will reflect how long they have been in the business.

Early review—Never commit the mistake of choosing a supplier without reading reviews. Reviews will help you understand what prior clients say about the supplier’s services, whether they liked the flooring or not if it was delivered on time, and how they were treated in the store. If you see positive reviews, the supplier is trustworthy and can be chosen for buying flooring. You can also refer to their previous customer reviews to judge the professionalism and service attitude of this supplier.

After-sales service —what kind of after-sales service can your supplier provide? With regard to product warranties, after-sales installation, maintenance, etc. Can your supplier offer everything? This is also a point you need to consider. Good quality of service can bring you a good reputation and is one of the most important factors for your customers to choose you. So if your supplier can provide good after-sales service, it is also one of the advantages for you to develop your market.

Choosing the right supplier is the most important step in the success of your flooring purchase. If you need any help, PROTEX is ready to be the right partner for you.

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