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How to maintain SPC flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-11      Origin: Site


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At present, SPC is welcomed by more and more national users. After all, SPC floor is a new type of floor decoration material, which is pollution-free and easy to install.

But many users don't know much about maintenance. Is it the same as ordinary floor maintenance? Today, enmanson SPC floor manufacturer will introduce the knowledge of SPC floor maintenance in detail.

Tools required:

Vacuum cleaner, interior carpet, cotton mop, warm water

Routine maintenance of SPC floor:

1. Regularly vacuuming and cleaning the floor can keep the floor beautiful and durable.

More attention should be paid to the frequent passing areas. When cleaning, use special SPC floor cleaning products and cotton mop. You can also clean the floor with warm water mixed with a small amount of soap.

2. Do not use cleaning products containing surfactants or residues.

Using these products will leave a dull film on the floor and may void the product warranty. Before using any cleaning product, first test in a small concealed area.

3. Use small indoor decorative carpet at all entrances, and use non rubber doormat outside. This will remove dirt and debris from the shoes. Clean carpets and doormats regularly. Don't put it on the floor for a long time.

4. Do not use products containing ammonia, wax based polishing / cleaning agents, strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents, chlorine based products, bleaching agents, solvents, etc. for cleaning products. Using these products may permanently damage your floor and may void your warranty.

5. Do not roll or slide furniture or appliances on the floor. The paint finish of the floor may be damaged. Carefully and safely lift and move the object to the proper position. In order to reduce the possible wear and damage, the furniture leg pad is recommended under the furniture leg. Clean the protective equipment regularly to remove the sand that may have been embedded.

6. Avoid pets scratching the floor. High heels may cause dents on the floor.

Matters needing attention:

Do not install flooring on foam mats, carpets or other soft, rough, uneven or uneven surfaces.

Direct exposure to sunlight from large windows and patio doors may cause the floor surface to exceed the product installation temperature limit, requiring the installation of blinds or curtains. Rapid temperature changes (high temperatures in direct sunlight) can cause temporary deformation of the floor in these areas.

It is not recommended to install in areas with large overheat and temperature difference, such as solarium, sauna, sunshine room or other areas where the temperature cannot be controlled within the range of 18-29 ℃. If installed in these areas, the floor should be glued to the ground in order to avoid deformation.

Here's the introduction of SPC floor maintenance. For maintenance, it's important to start from daily work and clean the floor at any time in daily life, which will be more convenient for major maintenance.

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