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How to install the rigid SPC Flooring?

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With the popularity of SPC flooring in the market, its functionality is gradually recognized and accepted by consumers. However, since SPC floor is a new material and new technology, when the market demand increases, professional installation technicians have become in short supply. However, ordinary consumers cannot complete the installation of SPC floors without professional training and guidance. In order to give better play to the superior performance of SPC floor, the precautions for installation of SPC floor will now be explained.

1. Flatness: Whether the flatness of the basic ground is qualified or not directly determines whether the SPC floor can be used or not. Therefore, when deciding to use the SPC floor, the original ground must be leveled (terrazzo, ceramic tiles, floor paint, etc. can be directly laid), The ground height difference is controlled within 2mm.

2. Indoor temperature: SPC floor is suitable for indoor environment, not suitable for outdoor environment of exposure and driving. After the floor arrives at the site, it is best to leave it for 24 hours before installation and construction.

3. SPC floor should be installed and constructed by professional construction personnel to avoid losses caused by improper operation.

The following are the precautions for spc floor installation:

a, Floor mats: It is recommended to use 1.5mm-2.0mm floor mats, and it is forbidden to use 2.0mm or more floor mats or mute mats. Because the base layer is too soft, it is easy to cause the lock to break or come off.

b, Installation: Install the short side first and then the long side when the thickness is less than 4.0mm, and install the SPC floor with thickness above 4.0mm first on the long side and then the short side.

c, Cutting: SPC floors below 4.0mm thickness can use a utility knife, and SPC floors above 4.0mm thickness should use a dust-free saw.

d, Accessories: The accessories of SPC floor (skirting, beading) can generally be used in common with the accessories of wooden floor.

e, Use: SPC floor does not need special maintenance, just daily cleaning. However, it is forbidden to use steel balls and blades for scratching.

f, The above are the matters needing attention during the installation of spc floor. In fact, the installation method of spc floor is much simpler than that of traditional wooden floor. As long as you pay attention to the above points, you can basically ensure a good pavement effect.


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