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How to install stone plastic floor

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1. Requirements before installation

Ground requirements before the installation of the SPC stone-plastic lock floor: the leveling work must be completed.

Ground flatness: 1 meter long distance slope less than 3 mm.

The floor can be installed on the existing tile floor, old wood floor, terrazzo floor, supporting floor heating, cement floor, stair floor; as long as the floor is flat, it can be paved.

SPC stone-plastic lock floor installation construction tools: tape measure, cutting machine, hammer, knock block, glass glue.

2. Construction management process of SPC stone-plastic lock floor installation project:

Step 1: Clean the foundation ground.

Make sure that there is not a lot of sand on the ground, so as not to affect various small problems in the later use of the floor.

Step 2: After the ground is cleaned, spread moisture-proof cotton.


1. Because the lock floor has a moisture-proof effect, the reason for laying moisture-proof cotton now is to separate the ground and the lock floor to prevent some small sand particles on the ground from being cleaned, and "squeak" when walking. sound;

2. Everyone knows that the lock floor is thinner than the wooden floor and the composite floor. If it is directly laid on the ground because of its thinness, it will feel hard when walking on the tile floor. In addition to the good-looking appearance, but the foot feels too hard to step on, the comfort of the foot can also be improved by using moisture-proof cotton.

Step 3: Select the paving method:

1. 369 splicing method;

2. 4/5 staggered front shop;

3. I-word splicing;

4. DIY creative splicing;

Step 4: After choosing the paving method, start paving from the position of a right-angle wall. After aligning the clips, such as (below), the clips are embedded at a 45-degree angle, and there is no need to use a wooden frame for floor laying; the installation can be directly laid out in this way, leaving a gap of 10 mm between the wall and the board.

Step 5: After the entire ground is paved, enter the final process. If you need to install the anchor line after locking the floor, install the anchor line directly. If there is no anchor line installed, just use glass glue to close the mouth. (It is the side of the wall, lock the gap between the floor and the wall, and close it with glass glue, it will look more beautiful.)

3. Construction points before installation of SPC stone-plastic lock plate:

1. A 10mm expansion joint should be left in front of the wall, door frame and USPC. For rooms larger than 100 square meters (more than 10 meters long and wide), there should be an expansion gap. If the corridor is more than 15 meters in length, expansion joints should be set at about 10 meters. Keep a gap of not less than 13 mm between the door and the ground to ensure that the normal door switch will not wear with the ground.

2. It can be used on cement floors and ceramic tile surfaces or sub-floors with water infiltration, but the next layer must have moisture-proof pads.

3. After the product enters the installation site, it should be placed in a place with standard ventilation, backlight and no humidity. Product must be stored at room temperature for at least 48 hours without opening the package prior to installation.

4. Be sure to put a heavy object (such as a bundle of wooden boards) in the place of each new connection to make it stable.

5. Reserve a height: The customer should properly reserve the required height according to the contact height between the actual ground and the USPC stone-plastic lock floor, especially the door cover, wall corner, heating cover and other irregularities and details. Analytical processing.

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